Falling for a monster

Falling for a monster

Falling for a monster

Author: Mimiperry

Contemporary Romance

A deal is a deal madam! Zaki yelled at the girl angrily! Myra cleaned up her tears as she stare fiercely at the man! Deal my foot! You are such a scanner, you told me if you save m...More


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Latest Release:Epilogue

1 months ago


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      Alpha King's Hated Slave

      Alpha King's Hated Slave
      Kiss Leilani

      Pure hatred, coldness and victory was the only emotion on his face.">Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms once at peace. The kingdom of Salem and the kingdom of Mombana.
      Until the day, the king of Mombana passed away and a new monarch took over, Prince Cone.
      Prince Cone, has always been hungry for more power and more and more.
      After his coronation, he attacked Salem.
      It was so unexpected, Salem never prepared for it. They were caught off guard. The king and Queen was killed, the prince was taken into slavery.
      The people of Salem that survived the war was enslaved, their land taken from them. Their women were made sex slaves.
      They lost everything, including their land.
      Evil befall the land of Salem in form of Prince Cone, and the prince of Salem in his slavery was filled with so much rage.
      The prince of Salem, Prince Lucien swore revenge.
      Ten years later, thirty-years old Lucien and his people raided a coup and escaped slavery.
      It took them five years before they ambushed and attacked Mombana. They killed Prince Cone and reclaimed everything.
      As they screamed out their victory, Lucien's eyes found and pinned the proud princess of Mombana. Princess Danika. The daughter of Prince Cone.
      He reached close to her and with a swift movement, he collared her neck.
      Then, he tilted her chin up, staring into the bluest eyes and the most beautiful face ever created, he gave her a cold smile.
      "You are my acquisition. My slave. My sex slave. My property. I will pay you in spades, everything you and your father ever did to me and my people." He stated curtly.
      Pure hatred, coldness and victory was the only emotion on his face.


      Before it ends

      Before it ends

      Arian Gregory, millionaire bachelor is accused of being gay when a series of videos with his face goes viral, except that's not him but his twin brother Adrian who he's been hiding for a long time. He's never had a problem with taking the fall for Adrian's actions, but Adrian takes it too far when his sex video with a man goes viral and causes the company stocks to plummet. In the midst of all of this, he meets the infamous Susan Claire and a contract marriage of convenience is formed to help both their asses.Susan had been willed a company worth billions of dollars by her father, but the minute her old man passes away, she changes her last name out of spite for him. The business world wasn't a place for females and her actions did not help her situation, but she couldn't care less. She wanted love but she soon realized that that was a dream far beyond her reach, so she settled for family. Approaching the now-infamous Arian with a marriage proposal in mind, she feels confident when her irresistible offer is met with an agreeable response. Sparks fly, and a greater bond forms. Soon after, Susan realizes that her baby father has secrets that could destroy him, and worse, he's willing to let them. Without thinking about his wife or daughter, Arian sacrifices himself and he's trapped in a place of probably no return. Tragedy strikes, and fate play a twisted game on them. Secrets begin to blur into reality, and only a familiar face can define the truth.

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