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A Deal!

Myra left her father's Ward! Feeling a bit relief after seeing that he was fine again!

Immediately she walked out of the hospital she received a conference call, Knowing it was her crazy friends in college she quickly picked it up with a smile!

Oh my G! Girl please tell me are you okay! How is your Dad!, Did the operation went well! Mie how have you being!? Are friends began to buzz series of questions immediately she accepted the call!

She smiled faintly to them, he is doing well guys! Please how was class today!? She quickly asked in other to change the conversation topic!

Ooh Mie! Her friends screamed the short form of her name in unison! C'mon don't tell me you are thinking about that!? You shouldn't worry,we are going to sort it out for you okay?

She smiled brighly to them! Thanks guys, you people are the best! She appreciated them. Hmm guys sorry but I have to go now,I promise to call you guys later, she said and hung up the call with a heavy heart.


Few hours later!

Myra was walking along the hospital facility when studdenly the man, Who helped her to pay her father's operation fee showed up!

Huh! Good evening Mister! Am glad to see you again! Hmm i have being looking for you,so that,I can show my deep gratitude, she said with a smile!

Zaki showed an indifferent expression! I guess your father have gone through the operation!?

Ooh yes, they are already dressing him up and would soon be moved to the patience's ward.

Good! I guess it your turn to fulfill The part of the deal, since I have fulfill mine! He said coldly as he gesture her to follow him outside.

Myra was a bit surprised by his attitude,but she quickly followed him, since she indeed bargain for the whatever deal!

Hmmm! Excuse me! Please where are we going to? She couldn't help but ask out of curiosity!

Young lady! Stop asking me stupid qestion and get inside The car,we are already running out of time!

Huh! Running out of time! Please where the hell do you want to take me to!

Where else!? I am taking you to a place where you would fulfill the part of the contract! Don't worry,I have assigned some people that would take care of your father.. so enter,we have a flight to catch!

Please mister! What nonsense are you talking about! Beside I am still a student! How do you expect me to travel just like that?? I don't even tell my father or take permission from my school! Am sorry but I can't go with you today!

Zaki smiled devilishly! Miss Myra, don't let me use force on you! A deal is a deal, you can't backed out! He said coldly as he stare at her like a terrifying beast!

Huh! Did I say,I wouldn't do it! All I need is sometime mister! Please leave,I will call you and do my part of the deal after my father have fully recover, besides I don't!... She wasn't able to finish her statement,. Due to Zaki studden action! He dragged her into the car unalarmed!

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