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Contemporary Romance>Love before Revenge>Chapter 2 Haunted Nightmare

Chapter 2 Haunted Nightmare

"Barry, I miss you."

Mary blinked her beautiful eyes and tried her best to look the man in the eye. Her affection was undisguised.

Barry, however, remained unmoved and rejected mercilessly, "Mary, haven't I told you that you are the person I hate the most?"

Feeling a pricking pain from her heart, Mary stubbornly nodded her head, "Yes, whatsoever, I still like you. It's been over a decade!"

At the sight of the stubborn girl, Barry felt annoyed and turned away to go back.

But Mary beat him to rush in. Before that, she didn't forget to bend over and pick up the bag. Only she was in such a hurry that the objects inside the bag fell out.

Mary was speechless.

She bent over to pick up a small package, but Barry beat her to it. A few other packages scattered on the floor.

"10-piece Pack: Ultra-thin lubricated condoms for dynamic experiences, a must-have for metrosexuals, bringing you lasting experience..."

Barry's thin lips flicked, and he recited the slogan in a deep voice that sounded seductive.

Mary blushed instantly.

"Mary, you work in the condom industry now?"

Barry tittered and held a pack of ten small size condoms between his fingers.

Hanging her head, Mary explained guiltily, "No, of course not, this is for you. By the way, this is oversize and can definitely hold your stuff."

Could oversize really hold it?

There was more disgust in Barry's eyes, "You prepared plenty of them. Four, five packs, I guess? It looks like you are pretty confident about my stamina. The tool is ready, but where is the woman?"

Mary raised her head, and her slightly rosy cheeks looked amazing, "B, Brother Barry, before I came, I took a bath and got ready. I..."

"Sorry, if the woman is you, I'm not interested."

The next second, Mary was pushed out of the door. On eight-centimeter high heels, she lost her balance and fell to the floor.

Along with a bang from the slammed door, there also came his sarcasm, "Mary, even if you get naked in front of me, I will not sleep with you. As the daughter of Yeates Family, you should restore your damaged dignity."

He didn't even see her off with a gaze.

It became all quiet again. Only Mary was left in the empty corridor.

Sitting on the floor, she tried her best to fight back the tears. She had been admiring the man for over a decade and saved him many times. Worshipping him like a god, she endeavored to study and be a better person, hoping that one day she could weigh more in his heart. However...

It turned out the so-called affection was unilateral.

As the beloved princess of Yeates Family, she was thrown out of the door like garbage.

As long as she moved a finger, she could get anything except this man.

Barry entered the room and walked to the bed. A group photo was standing on the night table. In the photo, the girl was obediently held by the boy. She curved up her brows, giving a sweet and innocent smile. The faint dimples looked cute on her.

They were little back then...

"Bubble, you are still alive, right..."

Barry gently rubbed the old photo with his fingertips, and his reserved eyes turned much softer. Mary couldn't win his favor because over a decade ago, he had encountered happiness that he couldn't forget.

Mary stayed outside and wouldn't leave. Huddling at the door, she gradually fell asleep. That nightmare haunting her for the past two years came again...

Hot, so hot, no...

A vague figure was ravishing her wildly from behind. A tearing pain soon awakened Mary from the nightmare.

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