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Contemporary Romance>Love before Revenge>Chapter 1 The Whole World Knew She Liked Him

Chapter 1 The Whole World Knew She Liked Him

Mid-summer in Sunderland.

The elegantly decorated corridor on the 27th floor of the Empire Hotel was like a ghost town. Occasionally, there came several business conversations in suppressed voices, which indicated the high status of the residents here.

Suddenly, a young girl sneaked out of the elevator with a small bag in her hand.

Bypassing the narrow and empty corridor, she stopped before a closed door and preened herself.

The girl was wearing a navy-blue French blouse, exposing her delicate collarbones. She also wore a pure white skirt that perfectly packed her big butt. Her legs were straight, white, and sexy.

At a closer look, the girl had naturally curly blonde hair and refined temperament. Under her flying hair were a delicate oval face and arched eyebrows. Her eyes were bluish and looked innocent. Her delicate lips, slightly pouted, looked very cute.

"Room 8888, this is the place."

Mary Yeates took a look at the number of the suite, her eyes filled with excitement.

She reached out to press her chest. Feeling the strong heartbeat, she muttered inwardly, "Brother Barry, here I come!"

Jingle, the doorbell rang, but no one was answering. Mary kept ringing the doorbell again and again. Finally, a deep and mellow voice came out, "Who is that?"

His words might be simple, but his voice was icy and awe-inspiring.

Hearing the familiar voice, Mary restrained her excitement, swiveled her beautiful eyes, and intentionally changed her voice, "Sir, your take-out is here."

"I didn't order any."

"Hmm, your assistant ordered it and left a note that I should deliver it directly to you. Sir, please help me. I have to rush for the next order, otherwise, I cannot earn the commission."

It was silent, completely silent.

Standing outside, Mary anxiously squeezed the bag in her hand and muttered to herself with her eyes closed: open sesame, open sesame!

About three minutes later, the door of the presidential suite opened.

"Brother Barry, welcome back!"

Without thinking, Mary pounced on that tall figure.

Unexpectedly, the figure dodged, and Mary fell on her face with a thud. Luckily, the blanket on the floor was thick enough, otherwise, her beautiful face would be broken.

From the floor, Mary looked up at the man around six feet. His upper body was naked while his lower body was wrapped by a white bath towel. His eight pack abs accentuated the strength and charisma of the man. The sculpted features on his perfect face was a work of God. He had brushy brows, a Roman nose, thin lips, as well as deep, penetrating, charming blue eyes. There seemed to be a universe in it, and people could get lost.

Captivated by Barry's charm, she sighed inwardly with emotions. Her brother Barry looked so dashing and even more handsome now!


Despite the pain from her body, Mary got up excitedly, ready to pounce on him again.

Barry Lambert slightly frowned and pressed on Mary's head with one hand. Due to the great disparity in height and strength, Mary could only brandish her hands like a dog but couldn't get any closer.

"Barry, let go of me!"

Mary was a little pissed.

Knowing his comeback, she intentionally played truant and came here. He, however, fooled with her like a dog!

"Who told you I'm here?"

A flicker of ferocity flashed across Barry's penetrating eyes as if he was going to tear the informant into pieces.

"Let go of me first," Mary complained.

Barry lowered his eyes for a glance at her, "Promise me you won't pounce again."

"I won't."


The stalemate ended with Mary's surrender.

Mary took a step back, stood still obediently, and looked up at the man. It had been three years since she saw him last time. During the period, she could only see his pictures in financial magazines.

She missed him so much.

One thing for sure. The whole world knew Mary Yeates liked Barry Lambert, Crown Prince of Sunderland and future boss of Lambert Group.

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