Spoil My Little Wife

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Contemporary Romance>Spoil My Little Wife>Chapter 2 How Could He Know?

Chapter 2 How Could He Know?

Liz got frozen by Greg's instantly chilled demeanor, flinched at his questioning, then knocked her own head with her fist.

No wonder his expression was so gloomy.

It was their wedding day.

But right after they exchanged the rings, she left him and ran off with Chris Webb in front of everyone.

She almost got killed in a car accident on the road.

It was Greg who saved her.

Greg held her in his arms and rolled ten feet into the river.

Then she passed out and woke up with both of them dripping wet.

"Say it!"

Greg's icy voice sounded again.

Liz looked up and saw the profound pain in his obsidian-like eyes.

He must be devastated and disappointed in her.

Liz recalled that when she ran out on the wedding in the previous life, she looked back through the crowd at the door with a sharp soreness in her chest and saw Greg standing there with a distressed helpless look in his eyes.

At that very moment, her heart was touched.

However, back then, all she could think about was Chris, and she was so obsessed with marrying Chris that she could not sense Greg's affection for her at all.

"You have nothing to defend yourself, do you?"

The words hit Liz's heart like a hammer, and she hurriedly looked up at Greg, saying, "No, I can explain."

"Explain what?"

The woman's panic was a mockery of him in Greg's eyes.

Was Liz trying to make up an excuse? Was she worried that Greg would hurt Chris?

Did she love Chris that much?

The pain pierced Greg's heart!

Greg's breathing quickened, his emotions eventually got the better of him, and he leaned down to crush the hesitant petite woman.

Then, his kisses overwhelmed Liz.

She was his woman, and it was their wedding day. How could she have been so cruel?

Liz was in a trance with her nostrils filled with Greg's scent.

The man had a perfect face and a heart loyal to her. Why the hell did not she cherish his affection in her previous life?

Since she could live once again, she would not let go of him in this life.

With her eyes closed, Liz tried hard to respond to the man's action.

Greg's kissing was so fervent that Liz could barely keep up with her breathing. Intuitively, she bit his bottom lip gently.

Something chemical exploded in Greg's head, and the look in his eyes became blurred.

Liz did not resist his kisses.

At this moment, Liz stretched her arms upward and accidentally touched something icy and hard underneath the pillow.

Her eyes snapped open.

She recalled it.

After Liz woke up from the coma in the previous life, she still insisted on leaving and looking for Chris.

Out of fury, Greg occupied Liz's body, and Liz took out the dagger she had hidden under the pillow and stabbed him while struggling.

The blood at that moment incarnadined Liz's memory fragments.

"Aren't you going to take it out?"

The clear, mellow voice halted Liz's recollection of the previous life.

Liz came to her senses, looked at Greg awkwardly, then faked a cough, and said, "Pardon me?"

Greg's eyes had regained their clarity, and he shot a glance at the pillow.

"A dagger. You hid it there long ago, didn't you?"


How could he know?

Could it be that Greg had known about the dagger in the previous life?

Then why did he not stop her but allow her to stab him?

That was a ruthless stab that left Greg in a coma for days before he was out of danger, and the Behrendt Family was so angry that they almost chop Liz into pieces.

With his eyes narrowed, Greg leaned down and reached out beneath the pillow to grab Liz's hand and the dagger it was holding.

Then, he took them out.

The dagger was dazzling.

"Watch out!" Liz turned pale with fear.

"Watch out?" Greg sneered.

Grabbing Liz's hand, the man thrust the dagger hard at his own heart.

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