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Contemporary Romance>Spoil My Little Wife>Chapter 1 Run out on a Wedding

Chapter 1 Run out on a Wedding

Liz Tuccillo's body felt damp and sticky, and she could not tell if it was sweat or water.

With her brows furrowed, she opened her eyes in a daze.

A tall slender figure became clear in her sight.

The look in the eyes belonging to that figure was as indifferent as a serene lake, and the pupils were as deep as there was a galaxy inside.

His brows were delicate, his nose was high-bridged, his countenance was fair and smooth, and his thin lips were slightly pursed.

It was a perfect face, giving off a noble, graceful vibe.

Meanwhile, his expression was tinged with an imperceptible touch of disappointment.

Greg Behrendt!

It was him!

How could it be? Was not he dead?

Liz's heart abruptly hurt like someone was poking it with needles.

Was this a dream?

Was this momentary recovery of consciousness before death?

No matter what, if she could see Greg again, she would never let him go!


Liz called out to the man, then hooked his neck with her arms and tilted her head to move towards his thin lips.

"You! Ugh!"

Greg's mouth was covered by the woman's before he could come to his senses.

Liz's Lips were as soft as rose petals with the sweet scent of female breathing. The kissing was like a deadly poison, taking away the man's reason.

After letting go of her mouth, Liz gasped for air.

Although they had been married for years, they seldom kissed, and Liz still had no idea how to keep breathing while kissing.

Her cheeks were burning hot.

It was the first time she took the initiative to kiss him.

It felt good with sweetness left between her lips and teeth.

Thank the Lord for giving her such a pleasant dream before her death.

"You just fell in the river. Did you get water in your head?"

Greg's voice was pleasing to the ear.

With her eyes narrowed, Liz fell to the ground with enjoyment.

It was time to die eventually.

A cold finger poked her forehead non-stop.

And a mellow, somewhat interrogative voice sounded.

"Liz, what the hell are you doing?"

Liz wrinkled her nose.

The dream lasted longer than she had expected.

"Is it because you want me to save your father that you've been so active?"

To save Dad?

Was not Dad dead as well?

Wait, something seemed to be wrong.

Liz abruptly opened her eyes and looked around with her eye sockets wide open.

She saw the European-style, luxurious ceiling, the pale blue chiffon curtains, the tan bed edges, floor, and door.

It was all too familiar.

She had lived in this environment for five years!

And she had been with the man before her eyes for five years as well.

Only then did she realize that Greg was soaked to the skin, and when she looked down, she found that she herself was wet from top to bottom too.

Liz suddenly nursed a sense of déjà vu at the familiar scene and items.

Then, she reached out to grab Greg's hand.

An ordinary platinum ring on his slender finger came into the woman's view.

Liz purchased the cheapest ring on purpose to annoy Greg.

During their five years of marriage, Greg only wore it for one day.

And that only day was their wedding day.

Thus, she concluded that she was on their wedding day at this moment.

Liz was reborn!

She traveled back to five years ago!

Waves of ecstasy and excitement filled her heart.

Liz could not help but grab Greg by the scruff of his neck again and give him a deep kiss on the lips.

"Greg, it's so good to see you again! It's amazing."

Greg frowned uncomprehendingly.

He did not stop the woman from holding him tightly but lowered his head to touch her forehead with his.

It was not hot, so she did not have a fever.

Then why did she suddenly talk nonsense?

With a darkened expression, he removed her hands from his neck.

He put his arms around his chest with a standoffish look in his eyes.

"Two hours ago, you ran out on our wedding in public, and now you're saying it's good to see me again? Liz, what the hell are you doing?"

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