Invincible Killing God

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Xuanhuan>Invincible Killing God>Chapter 1 Su Xuan, the power of evil gods!

Chapter 1 Su Xuan, the power of evil gods!

"Su Xuan, you waste, who gave you the courage to peek at Sister Liu! This time, your master himself is in danger, I see who else can protect you !!"

Suddenly Li Su echoed in Su Xuan's ears, making him open his eyes suddenly.

"I actually crossed!" Su Xuan looked at her immature and white hands, her face unbelievable.

This place is no longer the earth, but a place called the continent of the King.

Su Xuan was the strongest killer on earth, nicknamed "Xiu Luo"!

In a mission to seize the mysterious jade sword of the national treasure, the enemy used a missile with a large area of killing area, which directly bombed Su Xuan and several strong men into slag.

This is a mortal situation. Su Xuan never thought that he could live, but what made Su Xuan unexpected was that his soul was worn on this young man.


In vain, the wind is shaking!

Su Xuan felt the danger and raised his left hand instinctively.

With one foot kicking, Su Xuan's powerful strength made him tremble, but at this moment he also showed an extremely terrifying fighting instinct. His right hand instantly fisted and banged on that foot.


The fists and feet collided again, a dull collision.

Su Xuan pointed her toes and stepped back with her strength.

In front of Su Xuan, a young boy shivered and looked shocked.

Four teenagers were standing behind the teenager, all looking at Su Xuan in horror.

Su Xuan stopped the boy's attack, and even counterattacked, apparently beyond their expectations.

"Xu San!" Su Xuan drank and called the boy's name.

At this moment, Su Xuan's identity is a disciple of Wulingzong.

There are countless forces, large and small, on the continent of the Supreme King of practice. They are divided into four categories: spirit, mystery, earth, and heaven.

The Wuling Sect is one of the Thousands of Spirits.

Su Xuan was an orphan, and the Emperor of the Wuling Sect, Dongfang Shouling, picked him up from the outside, raised him, and even accepted him as a disciple.

However, the Eastern Guardian apparently did not understand how to teach his children. Su Xuan was extremely stubborn since he was a child. He drowned in the Wuling Sect by virtue of the favor of the Eastern Guardian.

Of course, the most terrible thing is that Su Xuanxiu is still very low, and his qualifications are extremely ordinary.

On the continent of holy kings, their spiritual realms are divided into royal spirits, spirits, spiritual masters, spiritual heavens, spiritual kings, spiritual emperors, spiritual respects, spiritual emperors, and spiritual holy.

Each realm is divided into nine stages.

At this moment, Su Xuan only has the practice of second-order imperial spirit, much lower than his peers.

And this time the Eastern Guarding Mausoleum was poisoned inexplicably, and closed to death. The Great Wuling Sect was taken over directly by the elders and two elders.

This is a huge conspiracy, but Su Xuan still didn't realize it, and went to peek at Wu Lingzong's top genius Liu Hanyan to take a bath.

At that time, Su Xuan was directly caught by the young people in front of her, and she was beaten to death today.

In this way, there is the matter of crossing.

After getting these memories, Su Xuan also quickly understood the cause and effect of the incident.

The peek at the bath this time was instigated.

The man was named Xu Kuang, who apparently called his brother and brother to Su Xuan, but in fact he looked down on him.

Xu Kuang apparently framed Su Xuan, thinking he was dead.

After all, the Eastern Shouling was poisoned. Su Xuan has no backing and can be kneaded casually.

"Su Xuan, how dare you resist?" Another sounded loudly.

Xu San's face became a little gloomy, and he immediately clashed.

He is under the hands of Xu Kuang, who has a fourth-order imperial spirit.

"Damn, this physical injury is too serious." Su Xuan's face was a little cold.

If this body is intact, with his killing instinct, enough to kill the five teenagers.

But now, it is full of danger.

Su Xuan's eyes flashed scarlet, and he did not retreat. At the moment, he also retreats!

Of course, Su Xuan didn't even think about retreating. With his severely wounded body at this moment, he absolutely retreated and couldn't escape!

And in the last few years of his life, Su Xuan fought in all directions under the name of Shura, and it was always his enemy that retreated!

Shura's pride does not allow Su Xuan to take a step back when facing five teenagers!

The next moment, the two approached, a powerful momentum suddenly burst out from Xu San's palm.

"Stop the tablet!"

"Combat skills!" Su Xuan felt the danger, and the speed was one point faster in despair.

The fighting methods of the Holy King Continent are divided into combat skills, magic skills, psychic powers, spiritual skills, spiritual methods, and holy laws.

Each category is divided into the upper middle class and the fourth class.

Warfare relies on pure physical strength, magic skills, and other auras in the body ...

This is the killing method that Su Xuan could not have imagined before.

At this moment, Xu San is showing his inferior combat skills!

If Xu San was in the middle of his palm, Su Xuan would have to die.

Suddenly, the two were close at hand.

"Give me death!" Xu Sanli drank and slaps a shot at Su Xuan.

Su Xuan still rushed to Xu San very quickly, as if overtaking.

Xu Sanzhang laughed, he could have imagined the scene where Su Xuan's physical body was shot by him.

But at this moment, Su Xuan's body was extremely unbelievable.

Xu San's palm rubbed over Su Xuan's shoulder, while Su Xuan straightened his right hand sharply and inserted into Xu San's right chest like a sharp sword.

"Ah!" Xu San screamed, looking incredulously and crazy at Su Xuan.

"I want you to die!!"

Xu San blasted to Su Xuan with another fist.

Su Xuan was extremely indifferent, already counting this step.

Even if he was severely wounded, Xu San was not qualified to be arrogant in front of him.

Fighting further, Su Xuan will be injured, but it will definitely kill Xu San's life!

But right now.

Su Xuan was shocked in vain.

There was a wicked atmosphere, but the powerful air flow swept across him all at once.

"national treasure?!"

Su Xuan's eyes fluttered and she was shocked inside.

In his perception, Dantian was actually a jade sword full of evil spirits rotating slightly, releasing a stream of air.

This is a jade sword that Su Xuan is fighting for!

"This jade sword even came with me!"

Su Xuan is incredible, but at this moment he can't think too much.

An extremely powerful force began to rag in Su Xuan's body, and even stirred the body.

"The heavens and the worlds, respect my evil god alone. The power of the evil god, immortal ..." Su Xuangui whispered to the gods, and captured Xu Sanhong's punch.

Su Xuan looked up fiercely, his eyes overflowing. At this moment, he felt full of strength!

"Dare to scatter in front of my Su Xuan, how many lives do you have for me to kill ?!"

Su Xuan drank and pressed Xu San's arm severely, which directly broke Xu San's fist, and then his hand originally inserted in Xu San's chest violently pushed.


Strength shook and penetrated his chest.

Xu San suddenly vomited blood, his face twisted with pain.

The next moment, Su Xuan took out his hand, kicked him out, and flew Xu Sanxu directly.


Xu San, who smashed to the ground, vomited a spit of blood again, his eyes became stunned.

This time, directly cut off the vitality of Xu San!

Su Xuan moved his hands very fast, until Xu San fell, the other four teenagers did not react.

"It's evil!"

"Damn, Su Xuan's waste actually cultivates evil spirits!"

"Go ahead and kill him! Everyone has to sacrifice the evil demon!"

The four teenagers were all drunk and went straight to their hands.

Su Xuan's eyes were extremely cold and brutal.

On the continent of holy kings, the world believes in holy heroes and abandons demons.

At this moment, Su Xuan's evil spirit will definitely bring great danger.

But Su Xuan was indifferent and didn't care.

"What is the devil, what about the evil, do I Su Xuan care about the eyes of the world! If you want to kill me, you are here to kill, so there is so much nonsense!"

Whoever wants to kill him kills him!

Past and present, he Su Xuan can only be a bloody Shura who brings nightmares to the enemy!

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