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Chapter 2 Chaos and Nature Manual

"Is the First Emperor?"Lin Han discolored.

In his mind, on the distant sky, there was a glowing and blurry figure, sitting there in a cross, as if in the ancient times, revealing the spirit of the world.

He looked like a dragon looking up at the stars, unable to see his true face.

"What did the First Emperor wish you to say, the younger Lin Han, if he can do it, he must do his best." At the moment, Lin Han swallowed, carefully.

"If you have success in the future, go to Ying Immortals Island, from the hands of Tianyuan Goddess retrieve"Heaven-opening Map"back to the dynasty, restore its reputation." Seventh heaven, that shadowy figure said, as sound macro Zhong Da Lu shocked.

"Xiangzhou Xiandao?"Lin Han frowned, but it was the legendary pure land overseas, and his traces were misty. Generally no one in the world has ever seen it.

As for the Tianyuan Goddess, she is a sage who was famous all over the world thousands of years ago. She often hangs around the world and is called the Bodhisattva by the world.

Thousands of years ago, she had few rivals in the world, and wanted to retrieve the so-called Heaven-opening Map in the other's hands, it was ... difficult.

"Kaitian Tujian is about the rise and fall of the imperial dynasty. She was borrowed by her deliberately and never returned. This Kaitian tujian is about the lifeblood of the dynasty. My successor must complete the will to get it back! Otherwise, Jiu Zhong will not be able to learn this trick!" The figure in the sky said.

At this time, there was no word on the cheat book. The mana was applied by the First Emperor, and the content was not visible.

This was a test, and one of the things he valued most when he died.

"Well, if Lin Han has achieved anything in the future, he will help his ancestor to complete his last wish!"Lin Han hesitated, and finally gritted his teeth fiercely, kneeling down.

He was desperate. After the dynasty contested, his mother's grave would be dug away, and he would also fall into the market. This was his only hope.

After speaking, Lin Han felt in the midst of a deep feeling, and his mind was imprinted. Obviously, this vow was not made casually.

"Very well, it's extremely important to open a picture book this day. As a queen of the dynasty, it's your mission to get it back!" The figure of the Nine Heavens said, "And the chaos of nature, the profoundness of nature, the endless nature, even if I I did n't fully practice it that year, so I can cross the borders of the Five Continents and Four Oceans. Juniors, let 's understand it ... I hope you can learn this trick, and find the future opportunities, on behalf of me ... "

At this point, the figure of the First Emperor in his mind began to blur, his voice gradually disappeared, Lin Han spirit shook, and his consciousness returned to reality again.

At this time, the books in Lin Han hands were densely packed, and some cricket characters appeared.

Now Lin Han practiced.

"It means chaos, Qi is the universe empty , Sanguan three barriers and three fields, thunder fire and ying yang..."

Along with the practice, the dictum of the chaos creation tactics sounded automatically in his mind, and every word hit like a golden bell.

Previously, Lin Han was absorbe Qi. Because Dantian was abolished, the body could not store the Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth, but this time it did not.

The Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth, after walking along the special veins in the body, gathered to his lower abdomen Dantian, saved it, and actually helped him re- Dantian, so that Dantian rejuvenated again.

"Stage of Opening up Diantian" is the first realm of cultivation. The story is to open up the Dantian, let it store gas, and strengthen itself.

Demonic Beast was Lin Han in abetting the destruction of the First Prince Dantian, now being re-opened, the rise of digging down, in the end, like a big cave Long, presented on earth.

At first glance, it looks like a stone pit, and it looks like a big mouth, which is very scary.

This is the Chaos Diantian - chaos tactics exclusive supernatural good fortune, satisfied swallow ten essence, absorbe Qi Dantian than the speed of ordinary people, do not know how many times faster.


Early the next morning, Lin Han opened his eyes.

At this time, he has long hair no wind automatically, like the days of the Sword dusty, wipe the rust, coldness radiance.

Now he has successfully stepped into the first Stage of Opening up Diantian of cultivation, and once again embarked on the road of cultivation.

And the amount of Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth stored in the body that night is worth the effort of others for months.

This trick is indeed the great work of the First Emperor in ancient times. Only one day after practicing, there were such amazing changes, which made him extremely excited.

"Mother, did you see that the days of our mother and son have given me such opportunities? I will definitely make things clear and let you be buried in the middle of the cemetery again." Finally, Lin Han was again facing the mother's little The tomb bowed down and smiled sadly.

I don't know how much ridicule and ridicule Lin Han has received in these years, but now he is finally trying to become an ordinary person, and his mood is really beyond words.

With the chaos fortune, he is full of expectation and confidence in himself.

"Lin Han, what are you doing, why have you been cleaning the cemetery for a whole day?"

At this moment, a sharp and cold voice came from behind him, a middle-aged steward, leading a group of miscellaneous servicemen, said fiercely.

This is the leader who manages the cemetery, and was ordered by the First Prince. Over the years, Lin Han trouble.

"steward, according to regulations, the work of cleaning the cemetery, take turns by several servants, starting today, I only do my job, the other not ignore it." Calm Lin Han road.

"Presumptuous, I dare to contradict you useless man, I see you again Piyang." Middle-aged steward could not help grinning out, remove a woven rattan into the whip from his waist.

First Prince has made, do not let Lin Han in here too comfortable, so that the root of his cane, I do not know how many times to beat the Lin Han in the body.

At the moment, his hand was lifted, and the rattan was drawn like a poisonous snake toward Lin Han's face. The wind was fierce. If he hit the face, it would inevitably become fleshy.

Lin Han smiled. In the past, he had no strength and was often bullied by the other party. Now naturally, he will not suffer so much.

With a snap, he caught the whip instantly.

"How is this possible?" The middle-aged steward was shocked and surprised, wasn't this kid a useless man? How could he take such a whip so easily.

However, before he thought about it, Lin Han pulled his hands forward, and a huge force struck. The middle-aged steward immediately hit the ground fiercely and fell into a dog's shit.

"Dash, you dare hit me!" The middle-aged steward suddenly became furious, said.

During these years he used to bully Lin Han, can not accept the fact that Lin lost to Lin Han. But he practiced for many years. Due to his dull talents, he still hasn't reached the Stage of Opening up Diantian, but Lin Han has already stepped into this realm and naturally lost.

"Bang!" So, before Liu steward got up completely, Lin Han stepped down again. The middle-aged steward suddenly clicked and cracked a large bone in the chest, making him painful to kill pigs. Scream.

"From today on, you will be disrespectful to me again, I will make you die better, do you know?" Lin Leng laughed.

"I know I'm wrong, Ninth Highness, and I will never bully you again, please ... forgive me." The middle-aged steward was finally scared, his face pale and trembling.

He finally realized that Lin Han longer the past, and he was far from his opponent.

"It's almost ..."Lin Han smiled indifferently, released his soles, and then ignored the menial like a monster, leaving his face indifferently.

"steward, how are you!" After Lin Han walked away, those talents woke up one by one and dreamed up.

They were horrified in their hearts, oh my god, how can this waste boy become so powerful now.

"Hurry up and notify the First Prince, saying that this boy Lin Han is a bit abnormal." The middle-aged steward bit his teeth and held back the pain.

He didn't expect Lin Han to become so powerful. Today it is like hell.

At this time, one of the menial looked at the distance and was surprised: "steward, Ninth Highness, left the cemetery, as if to go to the palace compound ..."

The middle-aged steward turned his eyes quickly, and it was found that Lin Han's long back walked along a path and went straight to the east, which is the direction of the palace compound.

This surprised him.

Lin Han has been very depressed since he was demoted to miscellaneous service. He has never been to the palace main building.

Suddenly rose at this moment and ran to the palace.

Is Ninth Highness willing to be mediocre, looking for the honor that was lost ...

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