War Emperor

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Xuanhuan>War Emperor>Chapter 1 The Desolate Prince

Chapter 1 The Desolate Prince

Ancient Li Dynasty, Houshan Cemetery!

In the early morning, a young boy in Tsing Yi, sitting on a dead rock in the cemetery, Incantation Gestures his hands, and slowly Breathing Excercises.

The cemetery is full of dry graves, and the scenery is desolate. The young people practice here. The thin figure shows a sense of solitude and loneliness.

"Dantian is empty, still unable to absorbe Qi, is it me Lin Han, the former Crown Prince of the Dynasty, is destined to live and do nothing for a lifetime." After a short while, the teenager opened his eyes, looked inside, and couldn't help sighing, his face appeared A touch of mourning.

The Ancient Li Dynasty was founded in the Ancient Manghuang Period and lasted for thousands of years. The style of cultivation is very heavy. Without strength, it is bound to be mediocre for a lifetime.

He was originally a Crown Prince of the Dynasty, but because of the broken Dantian and some special reasons, he was demoted to a Grave keeper.

Throughout the whole year, Lin Han tried all the time, hoping to embark on the path of practice, but things went against his wishes, and still no progress made him bitter.

"After the Empress Mother, the child is unfilial, unable to cultivate Qi, and can not regain glory for you. It is my incompetence to wash away our grievances."Lin Han the dry rock, came to a small grave, and bowed down, hanging down Eyes, pained.

As the Crown Prince of the Dynasty, his mother was a magnificent Queen. She should have been infinitely beautiful, but at this stage she naturally had another secret.

The incident happened three years ago, at a Dynasty Ceremony of Sacrifice to Heaven was celebrated, and his mother suddenly bleed blood and sprayed on the altar.

The sacrifice of heaven is a solemn and solemn thing. The blood of women is the most taboo. This is the veneration of the gods of the ancestors.

As soon as this incident happened, the situation was very serious. The civil and military officials started to play. The Emporer was under pressure to deprive his mother of the Queen. Even he was robbed and punished.

After being deprived of the Queen's position, the mother coughed up blood for seven days after the ceremony, and gradually died of physical disability. She died shortly after.

Lin Han knew clearly that the mother was like this because the priestess, the Imperial Concubine" sent a bowl of ginseng soup with maggots in it, and at critical moments, she controlled the Arcane before the mother vomited blood and made It hurts the dynasty.

It can be said that he and his mother have fallen to this step, and the most culprit is this vicious woman.

Now that his mother is dead, he has become a Grave keeper, and the East Concubine has naturally become the Queen. Lin Han's hatred for it is naturally beyond description.

In the end, Lin Han sighed softly and stood up slowly. These hatreds were carried on him for too long, and there was no way to turn them around. Just when I was about to leave, I suddenly saw several people walking along the other side, all in bright clothes, noble and formidable, and actually some royal children.

"It was Ninth Brother." These people saw Lin Han, they all hehe haha, laughed strangely, mocked.

Lin Han was wearing plain clothes, and compared with them, it was two extremes.

He was numb and expressionless for this taunt, holding a broom and cleaning the cemetery,

"Ninth Brother, you're just a grave menial, now began to sweep the grave, has seen neglect their ancestors, do not you also want your mother general, drop a disrespectful charges against their ancestors do?" In front of the crowd, there is a The tall, imperial man also sneered.

He is only in his twenties, has the appearance of a dragon and a tiger, and has an imperial body. Even among the royal children, he is also outstanding.

And he is the First Prince- Lin Tianlong, the son of Dong Dongfei, now the new Chujun.

Looking at this person, Lin Han clear Mouzhong, but it is passing touch of chill.

The other party would not mention his mother, but the mention naturally made him angry. If it wasn't for the other person's veins, they would deliberately and frame their mother and son everywhere, how could he and his mother-in-law land in such a field.

"First Prince, Skynet is restored and unobtrusive. Your mother and son's bad behavior in the year will sooner or later be revealed and punished." Lin Han took a deep breath and said indifferently.

In fact, he wasn't born with a waste body. When he was a kid, it was even found that the root bone was excellent, but he was a genius.

But during a hunt, the First Prince secretly instigated a Demonic Beast he had cultivated and abolished his Dantian, making him unable to practice.

Therefore, not only his mother-in- law , but even the First Prince, he was very hostile to him.

"Deserved punishment? Ninth Brother you this useless man, grave all these years, it seems that all these years you still do not recognize the reality ah, today I think I need to remind you."Lin Tianlong but laugh, from the side of the paternity Cong took out a whip and yelled, "As a menial, you are slow to work. Now I will reward you with a whip to show punishment!"


The whip lifted, dancing like a dragon, slamming on Lin Han.

Lin Han fifteen or sixteen years old and has a very weak body. He can't bear the whip of Lin Tianlong, who is superb. Now, there is a blood stain on his back, and his painful body is soft and soft on the ground. sweat.

He gritted his teeth tightly and said nothing.

The gap between his status and the First Prince was too great, only tolerant.

"Ninth Brother, remember your identity, don't think about something impractical."Lin Tianlong smiled indifferently, and then mischievously said: "I will tell you another unfortunate news. Soon the emperor will hold a contest. If If you can achieve outstanding results, you can make a request to the father. When I want to, I will ask the father to remove your mother's grave from the cemetery and expel you out of the palace.

"You ... dare, no one is allowed to touch my mother's grave." After hearing that, Lin Han finally couldn't hold back the anger in his heart, said.

No matter how wronged and ridiculed he is, he can bear it, but he must not touch his mother's grave.

"You see I dare you that your mother does not deserve lowly buried in my dynasty ancestral mausoleum among'll see!"Lin Tianlong sarcastic smile, she took it several Prince Pricess left.

I'm sitting alone in the Lin Han cemetery, the body continues to uphold shaking.

His mother was only a palace maid, relying on her kindheartedness and virtuous virtue, but was valued and appreciated by her father and emperor. She stood up for discussion and was promoted along the way. She became a Queen, with a legendary experience. Good news. And the mother has an unparalleled status in his heart. Now being framed and buried in a desolate little grave, she is already desolate, and he will never allow others to disturb her rest.

But Lin Tianlong said what he could do, what would he stop?

Lin Han was really disheartened now, and his heart was bitter.

In the end, he slowly stood up, like a walking dead, with a mournful face, and continued to clean the cemetery.

This is the place of the Ancient Li Dynasty, where many prestigious ancestors were buried, no matter what he had to do.

"Huh? The tombstone of the First Emperor was disconnected?"

However, at a certain moment, Lin Han was surprised, and something strange happened in front of him.

Last night there was a very rare rainstorm. The cemetery flashed and thundered, the storms were mixed, the rainstorm was flooding, the earthquake shook, and the scene was terrifying.

A tombstone deep in the cemetery was actually smashed by lightning and exploded in two pieces, exposing large pieces of stone debris, which was very rundown.

This is the tomb of the First Emperor!

It is located in the most central part of the cemetery. It has a magnificent and magnificent atmosphere, and it has its own emperor weather.

The the First Emperor of the Ancient Li Dynasty , but a legend, competed for hegemony in the Ancient Period of Gods and Devils, created the dynasty, and left the ancient foundation and the best of the world.

Even so many years after his death, when he mentioned his name, posterity was as awed as facing the sun in the sky.

The tombstone is quaint and unusual, with a huge shape, standing in front of the First Emperor tomb, and it will not fall for thousands of years. Today, it is really surprising that he was struck by lightning.

"There seems to be something in the tombstone!"Lin Han eyes lightened.

There is a dark gold book faintly hidden in the tombstone, which is covered with dust, and it is unknown how many years have been sealed by the dust.

With a curiosity, Lin Han took it out and wiped off the dust on it. A few shocking large characters dazzled me in the eye- Chaos and Nature Manual

The five-character dragons and phoenix dances are magnificent and full of atmosphere.

"Yes he then shook the ancient, mythical swept many of Supreme Manual!" Lin Han instantly suck down a cold lump, exclaimed aloud, he said.

In ancient times, the gods competed for hegemony, and the group of demons fluttered. the First Emperor relied on the chaos to make a fortune, and went east to west to create an immortal foundation.

Since the death of his immortal, this book of shocking Supreme Manual also disappeared. Later generations searched the palace compound and found nothing, which became the greatest loss and pain of the dynasty!

Now it was found in Taizu's tombstone.

Lin Han felt like a piece of pie fell from the sky and hit him on the head, just like a dream.

"If you want to practice my methods, you must inherit my will!" However, just as Lin Han opened the first page, there was an incomplete mental imprint, which flew into Lin Han's mind, sounding a magnificent The sound, like the King of Gods on Nine Heavens, was terrifying.

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