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Contemporary Romance>Rich CEO And His Poor Wife>Chapter 2790 Pei Tian has reformed herself

Chapter 2790 Pei Tian has reformed herself

She knew that she wouldn't end up well by the time!

Not only daddy!

But also mommy who didn't dote on her as before!

And so, Pei Tian sat from darkness to dawn!

When the dawn came, an idea crossed Pei Tian's mind!

She burst into laughter!

She had an idea!

Didn't Diudiu threaten her?

She couldn't bully Diudiu again?

No problem!

Then she would not bully her anymore!

Not only would she stop bullying Diudiu, but also she would take away Diudiu's favor from her daddy and mommy! ...

The next day.

Pei Tian went to school early.

She didn't even ask Wen Tian to send her.

She said she had an appointment with a classmate and Wen Tian didn't think much of it.

But Diudiu was a little uneasy.

She was afraid that Pei Tian was going to start another round of school violence against her.

Diudiu made up her mind.

If Pei Tian really did this, then she would have to tell her mom and dad.

When Wen Tian sent Diudiu to the gate of the school, Diudiu suddenly stopped her.

She looked at Wen Tian, "Mom, if I tell you something that might make you very disappointed or even sad, will you want to hear it?"

Wen Tian froze.

She didn't know why Diudiu suddenly said this.

It made her instantly a little nervous and uneasy.

She squatted down and looked at Diudiu, "Diudiu, what's wrong? Did something happen?"

Diudiu shook her head.

She didn't want to tell her mom yet.

Diudiu then said, "Mom, I just suddenly thought of it and wanted to ask you so."

Wen Tian didn't ask her again.

She just looked at Diudiu seriously and then reached out her hand to hug her, "Whatever you tell me, I will accept it. Diudiu, don't consider my feelings. I just want to hear what you have in your mind."

When Diudiu heard Wen Tian say this, a warm current rose in her heart.

She made up her mind in her heart.

If Pei Tian continued treating her like before, she would have to tell her mom and dad!

Yueyue was right!

Pei Tian would not reform. She would only get worse and worse! ...

However, when she arrived at school, she was surprised.

Everyone in the class was suddenly kind to Diudiu again.

Those students, who used to speak coldly to Diudiu, ran to her side again and talked to her.

They no longer said that Diudiu was a bad person who stole Pei Tian's parents.

This surprised Diudiu.

At the same time, it made Diudiu feel a kind of indescribable joy.

She felt that Pei Tian had reformed herself.

Pei Tian came to school so early today, so she didn't talk badly about her to her classmates. She told them the truth!

That's why the classmates' attitude had changed!

This made Diudiu happy and at the same time, she suddenly felt an indescribable feeling of guilt!

Because she had almost wronged Pei Tian!

And later, Wen Tian called Diudiu.

After thinking it over, Wen Tian felt that there was something wrong with Diudiu's sudden words this morning.

Wen Tian asked Diudiu if she had been wronged.

Diudiu said no immediately.

Wen Tian thought about it and asked cautiously and uneasily, "Diudiu, tell mommy, did Pei Tian bully you?"

Wen Tian was afraid that what she and Pei Shaomu had been worried about had happened.

But Diudiu immediately denied this.

She even said, "Mom, Pei Tian did not bully me. Pei Tian and I are fine. Pei Tian is no longer like before. She has reformed herself."

However, Diudiu didn’t know that Pei Tian had another plan in her mind.

She was filled with the joy of Pei Tian finally reforming herself.

Pei Tian had reformed herself, so she, her mother and father and Pei Tian could be a happy family.

Diudiu was so longing for it.

When Wen Tian asked her, she was completely on Pei Tian's side.

Hearing Diudiu say this, Wen Tian was completely at ease.

After hanging up the phone, Wen Tian burst out laughing.

I was overthinking it, wasn’t I!

The two children are getting along well.

I shouldn't worry too much ......


After school, Wen Tian was waiting for the children at the school gate as usual.

Pei Tian and Diudiu came out hand in hand.

They looked so happy, like twin sisters.

Wen Tian came over as soon as she caught sight of them, “Hey, babies!”

Pei Tian and Diudiu immediately ran over, “Mommy, mommy!”

Wen Tian kissed and held them, “Let’s go home now!”

Then the three of them were walking away in the sun, like a happy family.

(The end)

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