Rich CEO And His Poor Wife

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Contemporary Romance>Rich CEO And His Poor Wife>Chapter 2789 Pei Tian's worries

Chapter 2789 Pei Tian's worries

Diudiu bit her lips.

Then she comforted Yueyue not to be angry instead.

Yueyue saw Diudiu comforting her, which made her speechless.

She said, "Diudiu, I should have comforted you. How are you comforting me?"

Diudiu said, "Yueyue, I had a very hard time, very very hard. She always beat me and scolded me. When I was very young, I had to step on the stool to cook for her. I fell many times, and hot oil splashed on my hands."

Diudiu rolled up her sleeves.

There were still scars on her arms from the splashed hot oil.

She was so small at that time that her metabolism was fast. As long as she went to the hospital immediately, no scar would be left.

But how could that mother be so good!

Hearing Diudiu say this, Yueyue immediately held her hands tightly.

Diudiu's original situation was known to her.

Diudiu was a stoic person, so she didn't say it.

It was not until they became best friends that Diudiu spoke to her.

Because knowing what kind of family Diudiu was in and what kind of suffering she had endured, Yueyue was especially sympathetic to her.

Seeing Pei Tian bullying Diudiu so much, she was so angry.

Diudiu sniffed.

She said, "But that's all in the past. I'm especially happy now that I know she's not my mother. You know what, Yueyue, I was most envious of others who have a normal, happy family."

"So when I have a mom and dad who love me, god knows how happy I am, so for what Pei Tian did to me, I didn't even take it to heart, so I didn't say anything at first,"

"But when you keep giving in to her like that, she will think you're a doormat and will become more aggressive!" Yueyue suddenly interrupted her.

Diudiu did not say anything.

She also saw it.

After a long time, Diudiu said to Yueyue, "Yueyue, don't worry about me. I won't let her bully me all the time." ...

It was late at night.

Pei Tian was lying in bed, tossing and turning.

She had thought that she could keep bullying Diudiu like this.

Although daddy and mommy doted on Diudiu so much at home, at school, Diudiu was an existence that could be trampled on.

This also allowed her to feel fair mentally.

But now, what Diudiu said today ruined everything.

At the thought that Diudiu dared to talk to her like that and even threatened her, Pei Tian was furious!

When she was so angry to the extreme, she suddenly sat up and slammed her fist on the bed!

Damn it!

Damn Diudiu!

A hick!

How dare she live with me!

How dare she say such things to me!

Pei Tian remembered the old days.

Back then Diudiu was not daddy and mommy's daughter, back then Diudiu was just a little hick!

She could bully Diudiu as much as she wanted!

Diudiu never dared to say anything!

But now!

Diudiu became brave because of daddy and mommy's love!

So it's all because of daddy and mommy!

Pei Tian was resentful.

She felt that daddy and mommy were simply blind!

They didn't spoil her, such a little princess, but favored Diudiu, this little hick!

But no matter how resentful she was, Pei Tian didn't dare to say anything in front of Wen Tian and Pei Shaomu!

Because she had tried!

Wen Tian and Pei Shaomu's attitude was very clear!

So what to do now!

She couldn't continue to bully Diudiu like this!

After all, she was afraid that Diudiu really told daddy and mommy!

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