Rich CEO And His Poor Wife

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Contemporary Romance>Rich CEO And His Poor Wife>Chapter 2 Are You Sure?

Chapter 2 Are You Sure?

As soon as he got off the car, the glamorous man attracted a lot of attention and dazzled people's eyes.

The man was over six feet tall, and his tailored gray windbreaker set off his extraordinary figure.

His features were delicate and flawless. His deep eyes were filled with superiority.

His temperament was awe-inspiring and outstanding. His demeanor was noble and reserved. People just couldn't move their eyes away.

Gu Niannian's heart suddenly pounded.

From the distance, she couldn't see his appearance clearly.

Still, she could feel his kingly air from there.

Without doubts, he was no ordinary man.

Almost immediately, Gu Niannian made her judgment.

Maybe this man could save her!

Somehow, she rushed up and held the man.

His tall figure shrouded Gu Niannian.

Startled by her sudden move, the man got a flicker of surprise in his eyes and soon turned back to indifference.

"Save me..." Gu Niannian looked up and pleaded.

From the close distance, she found the man incredibly handsome.

His beautiful eyes could outshine everything else.

The man took a look at Gu Niannian with his icy eyes.

The air about him was dashing and awe-inspiring.

His gaze sent a shiver through Gu Niannian.

"Are you sure?"

After a while, the man slightly opened his thin lips.

His voice was deep and attractive.

Gu Niannian nodded her head desperately.

Never would she marry that retarded man.

The man curved up the corner of his lips and sneered.

All these years, countless women had resorted to various means to seduce him.

This woman resorted to something new.

He had always been scornful towards those women.

But this woman was a little different from those with heavy makeup.

Her skin was fair and her face delicate. Her eyes looked innocent yet charming.

There are many innocent or coquettish women.

But this was the first time that he saw a woman with both features.

She was both an innocent girl and a coquettish woman.

At that thought, he suddenly scooped Gu Niannian towards the elevator.

Those bodyguards in charge of keeping Gu Niannian exchanged looks but didn't dare to step up.

None of them dared to mess with the president of the YS Empire Group!

Gu Niannian was struck dumb for his sudden hug.

Soon, a cool and unique scent from the man surrounded her.

When she came to her senses, she was already tossed onto a soft king-size bed.

The man stood in front of the bed, showing his long legs.

Somehow his coat had been taken off, and a white shirt was unveiled, setting off his tall and strong body.

His handsome face was breath-taking.

The man loosened his neckline.

Gu Niannian panicked, "What are you doing..."

The man shot a meaningful look at Gu Niannian, "You tell me! You seduced me and don't know my next move?"

Gu Niannian was struck dumb.

Seducing him?

Did the man misunderstand something?

"I... I... did you misunderstand? I didn't mean that..." Gu Niannian explained in a fluster.

"You don't? Huh?" The man leaned slightly, propped himself against the bed, and stared at Gu Niannian.

He dragged his voice and sounded ambiguous.

His handsome face was close at hand. His features looked flawless and more beautiful from the close distance.

His ocean-deep eyes looked enchanting and stunning.

Gu Niannian lost her breath.

Ah, it was unreasonable to be indifferent to such a handsome man so close to her.

She swallowed.

Gu Niannian, you were shameless...

"I didn't mean that, but some people tried to catch me. I have to ask for your help..." Gu Niannian skipped the part that her mother asked her to sleep with a retarded man for money.

The thought of it alone hurt her to the bones.

The man slightly curved up the corner of his lips, and his eyes looked mysterious, "Do you think I will believe such a lame lie?"

He lifted Gu Niannian's jaw, forcing her to look him in the eyes, "My patience is running out. I'm not interested in your hard-to-get play."

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