Rich CEO And His Poor Wife

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Contemporary Romance>Rich CEO And His Poor Wife>Chapter 1 Mom, Aren't You Afraid of Retribution?

Chapter 1 Mom, Aren't You Afraid of Retribution?

"Mom, aren't you afraid of retribution?" Gu Niannian looked at the hideous middle-aged woman and said incredulously.

She was only 19 years old. Should her mother ask her to sleep with a retarded man for money!

Despite her protest, Zhu Meiyu tied Gu Niannian up, sent her to the hotel, and forced her to sleep with that retarded man tonight!

She couldn't believe that this was her biological mother!

Zhu Meiyu fiercely pushed Gu Niannian into a luxurious presidential suite. Inside the room, a man was biting his fingers, drooling and mumbling, "I see beauty, I want beauty..."

"Hey girl, stop gabbling." Zhu Meiyu said fiercely, "Parents make the final call. I ask you to marry Second Junior Master of Liu Family, and you do it. Tonight, you serve the master right, or face the consequences!"

Then her tone turned soft, and she threatened and coaxed, "Nian, you know our family is poor. Although the Second Junior Master of Liu Family is retarded, he is born in a wealthy merchant family. If you sleep with him for one night and bear his seed, you will live a life free of care."

Gu Niannian suddenly widened her beautiful eyes, "Mom is purchasing that great life. Liu Family must have given you a lot money so that you are willing to sell your daughter."

As her thought was seen through, Zhu Meiyu immediately pulled a long face.

Liu Family promised her 200 thousand yuan for sending Gu Niannian there and another 300 thousand when the girl got pregnant!

A total of 500 thousand yuan! It was an enormous amount of money for a poor family. With the fortune, they could live a completely different life!

It was not a bad deal to marry Gu Niannian to a retarded man in exchange for 500 thousand yuan!

All of a sudden, Zhu Meiyu raised her hand and slapped Gu Niannian, "I'll say it one last time. Tonight, you serve the junior master of Liu Family right!"

Following her words, she slammed shut the door of the presidential suite.

In the room, five red fingerprints still lingered on the delicate cheek of the dazed woman, and a drop of crystal tear fell from her eye.

The mentally challenged man, around five feet in height, came up from behind and tugged at Gu Niannian, "Beauty, sleep with me... sleep."

Despite her sadness, Gu Niannian now only had one idea in her mind.


At that moment, that was all she wanted.

She pulled open the door and rushed out.

But it was not that easy. This five-star hotel was a property of Liu Family.

A towering bodyguard in black is guarding at the door.

"Miss Gu, please go back." The voice of the bodyguard was indifferent and emotionless.

Gu Niannian found an interstice and rushed past the man.

The bodyguard remained composed and followed her at a sedate pace. Probably because he was sure Gu Niannian could not escape.

More people were guarding the entrance, so there was no escape.

Out of breath, Gu Niannian rushed to the lobby. As expected, she saw bodyguards standing at the entrance of the hotel.

Her way ahead and back was both blocked. Was there no way out?

Gu Niannian was overwhelmed by despair.

She was so young and hadn't dated yet. Was it her fate to marry a retarded man she had no feelings for?

Gu Niannian's face turned ghastly pale.

At that moment, an Aston Martin steadily pulled off in front of the hotel.

The car door was opened.

From the car stuck out a long leg wrapped in a formal trouser. As his feet landed steadily on the ground, a tall and refined man got off.

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