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Contemporary Romance>Hooked Boss>Chapter 2 Crises Coming One After Another

Chapter 2 Crises Coming One After Another

Su Qing ran a kilometer before she stopped. She relaxed until she confirmed that the man with a dark face didn’t follow her.

Taking her phone out to check the time, Su Qing’s eyes almost fell on the screen of her phone. “Today is Monday!” She thought.

“OMG, I’m so lost because of my failed relationship that I forgot the working day.” Su Qing thought.

Next moment, Su Qing reached out to take a taxi and headed for the company.

However, she was late for five minutes despite of her efforts.

“Well, I lose the full-attendance bonus of this month which is five hundred yuan.” Su Qing thought.

“Damn, I want to curse the dark-face man when I think of him. It costs me six hundred and fifty yuan for one night, which could buy me lunch for a month.” Su Qing thought.

“But thinking of the handsome guy with lots of muscle, I can take it that I pay for a male prostitute. This kind of perfect prostitutes normally costs a lot more than six hundred and fifty yuan.” Su Qing could only comfort herself by thinking this way.

The minute she walked into the office, Su Qing found the atmosphere of the office today was strange, because everybody hung their heads down, as if they were eggplants which got frostbite.

At the moment, her colleague Qiao Li came over. “Did you read the notice on the company intranet?”

“What notice?” “I was enjoying the service of a perfect prostitute last night. How could I have time to read the notice?” Su Qing thought.

“You don’t know yet?” Qiao Li was shocked.

Su Qing skeptically turned on the computer and checked her e-mail. Then, she was frozen!

The recent rumor was true. The headquarters of Golden Age Group was moving to Jiangzhou, and the branch where Su Qing worked would be merged into the headquarters. Most important of all, the branch would lay off half of the employees.

“Does it mean that only half of employees in the Finance Department could stay?” Su Qing took a glance at the six or seven employees in the Finance Department.

“No wonder they all seem sad and bitter today. The economy is bad, which makes it impossible to find a job with such a high pay.” Su Qing thought.

Qiao Li patted Su Qing’s shoulder and comforted her, “Your professional skills are good. You definitely can stay!”

“Whether you stay or leave, I’ll be with you!” Su Qing said heroically.

Qiao Li shook her head. “Now it’s not the time to be emotional. You have to support your mother and your sister who is in college. As long as we can stay, we should cherish the opportunity.”

Hearing this, Su Qing lowered her head like a rooster which lost the fight.

“This is so called ‘when a man is poor, his ambition is not far-reaching; when the horse is thin, its hair is especially long. ’” Su Qing thought.

Yet, Qiao Li’s burden was not light when her mother’s expenses on life and medicine relied on her income. Su Qing was worried at the time.

When it was near the time to get off work, Wu Fang, manager of the Finance Department and nicknamed Destroy Nun walked in front of Su Qing’s desk and announced undoubtedly. “Su Qing, the Human Resources Department is short in staff. Starting from tomorrow, you go to work at the Human Resources Department in the morning and return here in the afternoon.”

Hearing this news, Su Qing raised her head and tried to say something, yet the Destroy Nun had gone.

Qiao Li ran over to mumble near Su Qing’s ears, “It must be the trick of Hu Pei, who is looking for a chance to mess with you!”

“When it comes to Hu Pei, she is my enemy from last life and at this life.” Su Qing thought.

More than a decade ago, Su Qing’s unfaithful father cheated on her mother and hooked up with Hu Pei’s mother. In the end, he abandoned his wife and daughter to be with his mistress and bring up someone else’s daughter.

“Hu Pei and I are meant to be together. Several months ago, Hu Pei came to our company as an intern and successfully hooked up with the Manager of the Human Resources Department, who allowed her to be official staff as an exception.” Su Qing thought.

Ever since Hu Pei got the position, she always tried to pick on Su Qing, but never succeeded. However, she kept trying to screw Su Qing without being discouraged.

“I have to play the game. Do I have any other options? The command of the Destroy Nun must be obeyed, or I will be the first one to be laid off.” Su Qing shook her head helplessly.

“Good luck!” Qiao Li looked at Su Qing and said solemnly.

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