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Contemporary Romance>Hooked Boss>Chapter 1 You Need to Practice Your Bedroom Techniques

Chapter 1 You Need to Practice Your Bedroom Techniques

Su Qing, who was fast asleep, was woke up by the sound of running water near her ears. She opened her sleepy eyes and was frightened by the scene in front of her eyes.

This was a luxury suite. The morning sunshine projected on the messy bed sheets, and man and woman’s clothes and shoes interspersed on the rug. A scent indicating sex behavior permeated the room.

Lowering her head to look at her naked body under the quilt and feeling the discomfort in her loins, Su Qing grabbed her hair hard. The fractured memory of last night came to her in slides.

Su Qing’s boyfriend who was in love with her for three years accused her of not being gentle, thoughtful and feminine. Then, he went overseas to study for doctorate degree accompanied by a rich girl.

Su Qing, who had a tough appearance but a soft heart, got herself totally wasted and impulsively grabbed a guy randomly at the bar to get a room.

At the moment, Su Qing sat on the bed, with her legs trembling. “I’m always self respectful. Why would I do this kind of things that I don’t dare to think about when I’m conscious? It seems that the saying ‘Liquor makes cowards brave’ is very true.” She thought.

Su Qing got dressed in a flurry and picked up her purse, thinking about leaving without notice, when the bathroom door suddenly opened.

Su Qing instinctively turned to look at the door and saw a super handsome guy walking out of the bathroom.

The man with bushy hairs had a strong face and deep facial features. He was tall and strong, and his sexy pectorals loomed through the sloppy nightgown.

“This man is so perfect. He is much better than my jerk ex-boyfriend.” Su Qing thought.

In a flash, Su Qing felt content, thinking, “I’d rather lose my virginity to this stranger guy than allow the unfaithful ex-boyfriend to take advantage of me.”

Thinking of what happened last night, Su Qing felt her face warming up immediately.

Last night, the man was gentle at some times, and was rough as well. Su Qing who was twenty-five years old got the taste of being a woman for the first time.

Sure, standing in front of him, Su Qing felt shy, but pretended to be calm.

Compared with Su Qing who was nervous, the man behaved naturally. His deep eyes checked her up and down, and he moved the corners of his mouth to show a look of disdain, which made her very uncomfortable.

Then, in a sudden, the man walked to the head of the bed, reaching for his Gucci wallet.

Su Qing saw a thick stash of money in his wallet and immediately came to her senses.

“Does the man think of me as a prostitute? Is he paying me for last night?” Su Qing thought.

“No way, I can’t be insulted by a man like that!” She thought.

Su Qing immediately took one hundred and fifty yuan out of her purse and threw the money on the wrinkled bed sheets before he could do it.

The man raised his eyebrows, looking at her in confusion.

Su Qing who pretended to be calm held her arms before her chest and raised her head to look at the man, saying with a critical tone, “Although your body looks great, you’re not as strong as your look. Your bedroom techniques are poor. Therefore, that’s all it’s worth!”

“What are you talking about?” Apparently, Su Qing’s words provoked the man. She saw him deeply frowning with a long face.

In order to be more persuasive, Su Qing went up to pat his shoulder, saying with a careful tone, “I suggest you give discounts at first to accumulate experiences. Then you can raise your rate when your techniques are good. Now, women are difficult to serve!”

“You must have death wish...” The man frowned and spitted out a few words.

Su Qing saw his hands clenched into fists. “I don’t want to practice martial arts with him.” She thought. Hence, she chose to escape the scene rapidly before the man started to punish her.

When Su Qing was walking out of the Hilton Hotel, she could see his darkened face. She touched her racing heart, thinking, “I’m lucky to get away fast.”

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