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Contemporary Romance>A groom for Amelia>Chapter 2

Chapter 2

'Mrs. Moore, look at the statistics here, this equity scheme has really done well in the past quarter and these are some of the success stories here', she explained to a very grim looking Mrs. Moore, the High networking client, who had insisted on meeting her at 9:00 am sharp, not a minute later.

'Hmm, these do look convincing enough, but I'm just not sure if I would be getting any good returns. For the amount I'm investing, I should get better returns right?', she said. Amelia replied confidently, 'Mrs. Moore, any investment is risky, but if you don't risk it, how would you know if you would gain good returns?'. She seemed to consider it so Amelia continued, 'Why don't you invest for a few months and then when the market is just right, I'll help you with the redemption and then you can decide if you want to invest further?'

'You're quite the convincing one, aren't you now. Well, I'll invest for six months and then we'll see how it goes then', Mrs. Moore replied with a finality. 'I assure you that you won't regret it', Amelia felt relieved and excited at the same time that her early morning efforts didn't have to go to waste. She gave herself a mental pat on her shoulders and completed the paper works, and went to see Mrs. Moore to her car.

She went to the coffee shop nearby and met with William, the owner of the coffee shop. 'Good morning Amelia, I reckon you came in for an early morning huh?', he smiled and greeted her. 'Well, good morning to you too William. And to reply to your question, yep, I had an early morning and a very good one at that', she greeted him back cheerfully. 'Your usual?, he asked her , and she replied, 'Please add the yummy looking cupcakes as well. I'm hungry', she pouted.

He laughed at her childish antics and gave her the cupcakes with her cappuccino and said, ' Amelia dear, did you consider about my proposal?'. Amelia almost choked on her coffee as she remembered how William had propositioned her for her hand in marriage to his son, who had come back home from abroad after completing his studies and was working at one of the biggest companies in the city.

'About that William, I didn't get much time to think about it and I don't know if your son would agree to your proposal', she replied to him, in the hopes that she wouldn't break his heart while at the same time, it wouldn't seem too rude of her to reject outrightly. She felt pleased with herself to have come up with that reply and smiled to herself, but her joy was short lived when a deep baritone voice came from behind her, 'What proposal would your son not agree to?'

She turned to the owner of the voice, and her eyes met with the most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen, and to top it, he was tall, almost 6'2", she assumed. He wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but he possessed a manly charm and any woman with a pulse would be drawn to him and Amelia was no exception. This day just kept on getting better ,she thought to herself and smiled.

'William and I were just discussing about how his son might not agree to him setting up an arranged marriage for him', she laughed off, assuming that he was also one of William's regulars like her, and added, 'Don't you think so too,Mr..?'

'Brown, Brady Brown, nice to meet you, and who might you be?', giving his hand for a shake and she took his outstretched hand and shook it while replying, 'Amelia Woods, and its nice to meet you too.'

'So, Mr. Brown, can you please tell William here that times have changed and young people don't prefer go for arranged marriages? His son might not appreciate his dad arranging a marriage for him right?', she told him and found it strange when he turned to William and replied, 'So this is why you've been telling me to stop by the coffee shop huh?'

William, who was now smiling sheepishly looked at Brady and asked him, 'So, what do you think?'. They both turned to look at Amelia who was now perplexed at their exchange, and finally figured out that they both shared the same last name 'Brown'. She wanted to become invisible now that she realized Brady might be William's son.

'Great going Amelia. This is what you get for being so friendly with everyone and not keeping your tongue in check', she thought to herself as she sat there and became the object of scrutiny for the two Browns there. 'Are you William's son?', she asked him and he grinned at her and replied, 'In the flesh'.

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