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Chapter 1

Amelia Woods stared at the moon and sighed, 'Where are you dear soulmate? Did you lose your way somehow? Is it too difficult to find your way to me yet?'.

Amelia was 32 and still single, and for someone who always dreamt of getting married by 25, life seemed to be telling her that it didn't care whatever her dreams were, it wasn't gonna give her what she wanted. Sure, she did reject a whole lot of guys,but was it her fault that she was just not attracted to them? And for those that she did find attractive, somehow, things just didn't work out or never seemed to progress to marriage, wait,strike that,not even an engagement. Was it asking for too much,to hope for a tall, not so dark and handsome guy to sweep her off her feet and make her fall in love and make her his wife?

Yet, life seemed to be telling her that not everyone got their dreams fulfilled, some just had to settle with what they were given instead. Amelia hailed from a very small town in Country I, where no matter what achievements she made in her career, unless she had a husband and possibly some kids by 30,she would still be considered pitiful. The books and novels she read showed her how even teens from the western countries would move out and venture on their own, but not for people from her part of the world. That would be just plain insolence. She did wish at times ,to be completely independent, however, even the thought of leaving her family and living alone shook her very ground, mostly due to the fact that 'she could never live alone',was imbibed in her since early on.

So, here she was, 32, a successful financial advisor, and still living with her parents,while most of her friends were either married with kids or getting married. She could only sigh in sorrow and convey it to her Maker to quickly answer her prayers and find her a suitable groom.

'Amelia, your colleague from office dropped by and left you her wedding card . Apparently, she is getting married next month. Lucky her,she could manage to find her groom in her own work place, unlike you, rejecting every other proposal that comes your way', her mom said as she entered her room. 'Don't maintain such high standards,"a girl's life is but like a flower, beautiful when it blooms that everyone is attracted to it, but after its bloom,it withers and no one even gives it a second glance"',she added,her usual dialogue for her.

'Don't worry mom, if its God's will, I will get married someday. Right now, I don't even feel like an adult, let alone think of getting married and settling down to be someone's wife',she lied. How could she admit to her mom that she too wanted to find someone to love and be loved. She didn't want to add 'single and miserable' to her status yet.

The next morning, as she was getting dressed for work, she received a call from an unknown number. 'Hello?', Amelia answered her phone. 'Hi, is this Ms. Amelia Woods?',the caller replied. 'Yes,this is she, and may I know who is this?', she said. The caller on the other end seemed nervous and replied, 'Umm,..hi, I'm Skylar, Skylar Jacobs. Naomi gave me your number.'

Naomi was one of Amelia's close friends from office, whose wedding card her mom had received for her just yesterday. 'Oh, Naomi, look what you got me into', she thought to herself. Naomi was trying to play matchmaker for her and had told her that Sky would call her up one of these days. 'Just get to know him,and be friends with him. He is a really nice person',she had said.

'Umm, Amelia? Are you there?', Skylar who was apparently nervous was now sounding unsure whether he had done the right thing by calling her. 'Hi,ummm,,Skylar, yeah, Naomi told me you'd call one of these days. I just didn't expect you'd call me at this hour...', she trailed off, trying to wear her top and balancing the phone on her ear.

'Actually, I'm so sorry but I need to get ready for office.Can we talk later?or maybe text later?',she asked him politely. She didn't care about what Skylar would think of her but she did not want to disappoint her friend because she knew she was only doing it for her own good. So, though she didn't like her friend meddling in her love life, it wasn't like love would have to happen between her and Skylar and they could just end up being good friends. At least that's what she reasoned.

'Sure, that's fine with me. And hey Amelia, I'm really sorry if I've disturbed you. I didn't mean to,you know, disturb you.',he said. 'Hey, no worries. Actually, I had to meet a client pretty early today so had to start my day early. We'll talk soon,yeah?',she said finding his politeness charming enough. Basic politeness and a gentlemanly attitude never failed to impress her.

'Okay, catch you later then. It was nice talking to you', he said. 'Likewise, it was nice talking to you too. Ciao',she added and hung up the call.'"Ciao?",what the hell Amelia,since when do you say ciao when you hang up the call on someone you barely know', Amelia fumed at herself. She felt giddy with an unexplainable delight. 'Get a grip Amelia',she told herself,'its just the first phone call. You haven't even seen him yet. Get over it'. Saying that, she left for office to meet her client.

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