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Chapter 2 A Mistake

"Huh?" Alice was shocked and confused.

Met with her silence, Caper quickly put out the cigarette. His eyes turned fierce, "Tell me now!"

No man had ever yelled at her like this before!

Should her nominal boyfriend show her no respect at their first meeting?

Her mood was totally ruined, and she sulked under the effect of the alcohol, "Ruben, what is wrong with you? You're unhappy to see me and talk nonsense! I don't get it!"

"Since you don't want me here, I should take my leave!"

She took out two movie tickets from her handbag, casually threw them on the tea table, and sulked, "And we won't watch the film tomorrow!"

She ignored his gloomy face and tottered to leave.

When her hand just reached the door knob, Caper strode up, grabbed her around the middle, and scooped her to the bedroom...

He chewed over her words. If he were not wrong, this crazy woman mistook him for another man.

When his eyes landed on the two obtrusive tickets on the table, his face turned black.

Who the hell was playing games with him?

Whichever the case was, he would not let this woman off!

"Ruben! What are you doing? Put me down!"

"Aren't you here for me? Why are you leaving then?" Caper scorned.

"I regret it! I shouldn't have come tonight!" Alice struggled.

"Humph, too late."

The man flung her on the bed, bore down on her, and spat, "Woman, I don't care who put you up to this. You won't get away tonight."

"It's childish of you to play hard-to-get."

"Ruben! What are you talking about? I don't get it... let go of me..."

Caper fumed to hear that man's name again!

Who the hell was Ruben?


Her voice was muffled by his kiss...

Two minutes later, her throat was strained, but her cry for mercy couldn't touch the ruthless animal...

It was a restless night, and Alice passed out from exhaustion.


At 8 a.m. the next day, Alice woke up with a sore body.

She looked at the man beside her and found him horrible!

She fled as fast as she could.

In the taxi that took her back home, she broke into tears. To her greatest surprise, her three-month date should be so different offline!

She recalled what happened last night and realized rape...

Originally, she planned to offer him her chastity, but things went otherwise.

"My fault to drink wine! My fault! My fault..." Alice hammered her head with frustration.

Shocked by the scene, the cab driver asked hurriedly, "Ma'am, what's wrong? Are you all right?"

"I'm okay..." Alice stopped beating herself lest the driver took her for a crazy person.

Still emotional, she took out her phone and intended to break up with him through a text message!

This man was horrible!

Then she found that her phone was out of juice.

She sighed, wiped her tears, and planned to settle it later in her apartment.


An hour later, Caper woke up in the bedroom of the hotel.

He found the woman gone and pulled a long face.

He planned to interrogate her in the morning since she was drunk and delirious last night.

He immediately got out of bed and speed-dialed a number.

After the call was answered, he demanded in a cold voice, "Dexter, go investigate the woman who came to my room last night. I need all her information."

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