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Chapter 1 Online Dating Getting Real

In the heat of summer, a woman in a white chiffon dress got into a luxury hotel in Lakeland City at 10 p.m.

Alice Sharon held her cell phone and stared at a WeChat message from her boyfriend, Ruben Clay, "Alice, 10 p.m. tonight, meet me at Star Hotel Room 8520! You'll be my woman, love you!"

The room number was 8520, and the last three numbers meant 'I love you' in their culture. So romantic...

Their online dating had been going on for three months and getting real!

Before this, she only saw Ruben's pictures on WeChat.

Five minutes later, Alice rang the doorbell with a flushed face.

Before coming out, she drank two glasses of wine to boost her courage, and now even her footsteps were unsteady.

Her blurred vision mistook 8620 for 8520.

She rang the bell for quite a while before the door opened.

A statuesque man around 1.9 meters came into view.

He had a pure-black fine towel around his waist, eight abs like a supermodel, and a perfect figure that could thrill all women.

His features were dashing, sculpted, and flawless!

His obsidian eyes glittered with cold light and his penetrating gaze was awful.

Under his high nose bridge was a pair of attractive thin lips but incongruous with his abstinent and ruthless temperament.

Alice swallowed involuntarily and felt dizzy...

To her surprise, he looked way hotter in person!

She couldn't believe that such a perfect man should be her boyfriend!!!

Wow, she would be off the market this year!

"May... may I come in? I have something to tell you..." Alice blushed up to her ears, her heart fluttering.

Caper Bowman folded his arms before his chest thoughtfully and sized her up.

Who was so bold to send over a woman?

Who was so foolish to send here a short woman? Everyone knew that he was not a fan of shorties.

She looked less than 1.6 meters in height...

Somehow, his interest was piqued. He wanted to figure out the person behind the curtain and hear what this woman would say.

Caper squinted at her, turned around, and went back into the room without saying a word.

The door was left open.

She hesitated at the door...

Ruben looked unhappy? Did he regret meeting her?

Maybe he felt uneasy about their first meeting.

In a rather nervous state, Alice entered the room and gently closed the door.

Around ten seconds later, Caper sat in the luxury living room with a lit cigarette between his slender fingers.

He looked lazy and unbridled, but his eyes were icy. The corner of his mouth curved up with interest, and he stared at her like a black panther.

Alice felt walking on clouds, a sign of her intoxication from the strong wine. She was not quite a drinker, and her mind became foggy...

The dashing man on the sofa attracted her like a shiner.

To disguise her fluster, she looked around randomly and hesitated if she should stay there for the night.

The torn expression on her face fueled Caper's suspicion. This woman was weird.

"You have one minute." Caper took a drag on his cigarette. Impatience was in his eyes.

This man spoke like a king, and Alice panicked, "Ruben, how about we call it off tonight? Next time we..."

She stopped halfway through her rejection.

Caper frowned slightly...

"Ruben, we just met, and I know that you might be disappointed. As I said, I'm not good-looking, and the photos I've sent you are not processed..." Alice was afraid of letting him down.

Turned out this woman was crazy and full of nonsense.

"Stop wasting my time and tell me who sent you here." Caper said coldly with a gloomy face.

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