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Contemporary Romance>Hidden Identities>Chapter 2 Exorcism through Marriage

Chapter 2 Exorcism through Marriage

Eliza's speech set off a bomb that shocked the two arguing women.

Julia, in particular, hadn't expected the job to be so easy. She had prepared all the means and benefits yet to apply.

In an instant, Ms. Coleman's dried eyes were tainted with concern.

"Eliza, don't be rash." She tugged at Eliza's clothes. How could she let her marry such a man?

"Melanie, don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

She looked at Julia again with even colder eyes.

"When to marry him?" She asked indifferently as if her mother was just a stranger.

"T... tomorrow." Julia bit the bullet. Daunted by Eliza's icy gaze, she felt a shiver down her spine even in hot July.

Ms. Coleman frowned sullenly at Julia, her eyes filled with more criticism and hostility.

If it was not for the sake of the marriage, Julia might not have been back for her.

"Okay, but on two conditions."

"Go ahead." As long as Eliza agreed, she would grant any request.

"First, transfer your promised 20-million-yuan donation to the orphanage immediately; second, don't come and harass Melanie again," Eliza spoke in a businesslike tone as if this was a deal. Julia was embarrassed.

Though mean with her money, Julia had to grit her teeth and agree.

"Okay, I'll make the transfer right away."

An hour later, all the formalities were done.

"Eliza, go home with me. Stay in our house for the night and go to Burns's house tomorrow." Julia gave a gracious smile. "I'll stay in the hotel; pick me up tomorrow." Her tone was firm and non-negotiable.

"Well..." Julia was in a dilemma.

"I won't run away." Eliza saw through her scruple.

"Eliza, it's not what I mean. You know, we haven't seen each other for over a decade. I really want to have a nice talk with you and get to know your condition..."

"I'll pass; let's go."

Eliza didn't give her a chance.

When it was dusk, she said goodbye to the dean and others before riding Julia's car to Alexander City.

Julia found Eliza a hotel near their villa and then went home.

As soon as she entered the door, an adolescent girl grabbed her by the arm, "Mom, how is it? All set? That bumpkin agreed, right?"

"She is your sister, be polite when you see her in public." Julia preached to her daughter.

"I don't have that kind of hick sister. She's a disgrace!" The girl snorted disdainfully.

"Without her, you would be the one to marry Mason for the sake of exorcism!"

"I'll never marry that short life!"

Meanwhile, in the CEO's Office on the 36th floor of Burns Group's headquarters...

"Sir, the old lady just asked you to go home early through a call. It's your big day tomorrow." Special assistant, Michael Olson, ventured to report.

The pen in Mason's hand paused, his dashing eyebrows furrowed, and his eyes showed a hint of displeasure, "Which family this time?"

"Lady from the Levine Family. According to the old lady and the horoscope, you're a match. Blessed, she could bring you good luck."

Mason narrowed his inky eyes slightly when a flash of coldness crossed, "The Levine Family?"

"Yes, the Levine Family is a close partner of our company, but Mr. Levine..."

"Don't mind him; he can't make up much of a scene." Mason snorted.

"Do you still need the info about Miss Levine?"

"No, she's just a pawn." As soon as his voice died away, Mason coughed again. The vibrating chest made a distressing sound.

In a hurry, Michael handed him a cup of tea, "Sir, why don't you go home early? It may be good luck this time."

Michael pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose. Although the old lady was not his boss's biological mother, she cared about him all these years, especially worrying about his marriage.

Mason sneered. Good luck?

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