Hidden Identities

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Contemporary Romance>Hidden Identities>Chapter 1 I'll Marry Him

Chapter 1 I'll Marry Him

In hot July, the sun was scorching.

At 10 a.m. in a small town 200 kilometers away from Alexander City, a bunch of kids was gathering around a car parked at the entrance of an orphanage. They whispered with each other as they rarely saw such a luxury car.

In the Dean's Office, a posh woman was complaining tearfully.

"Ms. Coleman, I didn't mean to ditch Eliza Greer. I was desperate but now I have the condition to take her home! She listens to you. Could you help me persuade her?"

Ms. Coleman was an old lady in her sixties and had her grey hair combed into a little bun.

Although a smile was on her face, the corners of her mouth and eyes looked cold.

"Mrs. Levine, it's not that I wouldn't help, but Eliza is already 19 and a grown-up. She makes the call of her own life. Besides, according to you, you'll take her home and host her marriage. What kind of mother would do that as soon as she reunited with her daughter?"

Julia Fisher's face stiffened, but she soon collected herself. Today, she was well-prepared.

"Ms. Coleman, you might not know, but Eliza is going to marry a bigshot beyond average rich men in Alexander City. After the marriage, she won't have to worry about living again. This is also my compensation for her sufferings all these years.

You see, I put in much effort to seek the marriage. In Alexander City, young ladies from eminent families vie desperately with each other to marry him. Owing to my effort and luck, Eliza gets the chance."

"Mason Burns from Alexander City, I've heard of him. Rumor has it that he is ruthless, grumpy, and terminally ill. He doesn't have much time left. Are you sure you're seeking happiness for Eliza rather than pushing her into the fire?"

A flicker of guilt flashed across Julia's eyes, but she feigned composure, "Ms. Coleman, those are false rumors. I know him quite well. He is a nice man. We can't believe gossip."

As she tried to persuade the old lady, her patience was running out.

Meanwhile, in a small room at the side door of the office...

A girl with long hair, in T-shirt and denim shorts, was leaning against the door. Her features were stunning, but her eyes were icy and unapproachable.

It was Eliza. 19 years ago, Julia abandoned her at the entrance of the orphanage.

She hadn't shown the slightest concern all these years.

Elize heard every bit of their conversation, and her cold face became frosty.

All of a sudden, her phone vibrated in her pocket. It was a text message.

She took it out, dropped her eyes, and checked the message, anonymous yet familiar.

"Boss, the project leader was Mason. The others all died mysteriously, whereas his data in two years is blank. Presumably, he is the only person who knew what happened back then."


Eliza's brows furrowed. She made a quick decision and texted back, "Got it, go on digging."


She put away the phone, pushed the door open, and got into the office.

With her arrival, the heated argument inside stopped abruptly.

Julia looked over and instantly felt guilty upon meeting Eliza's penetrating cold eyes.

After so many years, when they met again, there was no sentiment as imagined and only indifference.

Ms. Coleman was worried that she would be upset by their conversation.

"Eliza, you heard us, right? Don't worry; I totally respect your opinion. No one can force you against your will!" Ms. Coleman was very protective of her.

Julia, however, got anxious and hurriedly explained.

"Eliza, I'm really for your good. Mason, he..."

"Say no more; I'll marry him."

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