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Contemporary Romance>Pick One Get One Free>Chapter 1 Losing Grandpa

Chapter 1 Losing Grandpa

In a quiet and luxurious private birth center in North City.

Kira Perry's amniotic fluid broke, and she was waiting to enter the delivery room.

Two dedicated nurses were surrounding her nervously.

After quite a while, the elevator door on this floor opened. In anxiety, a middle-aged man and two bodyguards in black walked over.

The middle-aged man spoke to her polity, " Miss Perry, half of the promised money has been paid. This is the transfer record, please take a look."

Kira took it for a glance. It was a total of five million yuan, and the beneficiary was her father, Harris Perry.

The middle-aged man asked with a smile, "Can you get into the delivery room now?"

While her belly was throbbing, Kira knitted her eyebrows.

The middle-aged man added hurriedly, "Don't worry, as soon as the baby is born, we will transfer the balance to your father's bank account."

Kira touched her bulging belly and readily walked into the delivery room.

When Kira woke up, it was already the next morning.

The other party even offered to transfer her to a confinement center with top-class services.

At the sight of her flat belly, she felt hollowed and sad.

The cries from other babies came in from outside. Kira rubbed her eyes, took the cell phone from a nightstand, and gave her father a call.

The call was answered quickly.

She immediately asked, "Dad, 10 million yuan has been transferred to your account. It should be enough to pay off my brother's gambling debt. Can I visit grandpa now?"

"Kira, bitch, grandpa died of anger with you a long time ago!"

Kira immediately sat up.

Kinley Perry's sarcastic laughter came from the other end, "You think we don't know how you get the 10 million yuan? You sleep with men every day. Our Perry family is a noble one! Three months ago, grandpa died of anger after learning about you serving others as their mistress! So, don’t ever come back!"

"I'm not kept as…"

Before she could finish her words, the phone was suddenly hung up.

She lifted the quilt and directly ran out.

The nurse outside the door hurriedly gripped her, "Miss Perry, where are you going? It's raining heavily outside. Since you just gave birth, you should rest properly and should not go out!"

Kira wouldn't listen, forcefully pushed them away, and ran out frantically.

Outside, the thunder was rumbling while heavy rain was scouring the ground unceasingly.

She was soaked by the rain by the time when she arrived at the door of Perry's house downtown.

She kept pounding the door.

A nanny went in to report, and in a short while, Kinley in a pink princess dress came out with the nanny.

"Kira, you still have the nerves to come back?"

Kira gasped and asked coldly, "Where is grandpa?"

"He is dead because of you!" Kinley snorted and said indifferently, "He insisted on going back to the shabby hometown where you were raised. I suppose weeds should have grown all over his grave now."

Kira clenched her fists, "Why didn't you tell me?"

No sooner had her snarl died away than she was shoved on the shoulder.


She fell heavily to the ground into a puddle.

Large raindrops were pelting down on her face and body.

Still angry, Kinley walked up, lifted her foot on a high heel, and stomped on her face.

Paralyzed by the sharp pain, Kira lay on the ground, short of breath.

"Bitch, how dare you yell at me?" Kinley kicked her heavily several more times.

Too limp to get to her feet, Kira shivered with coldness.

Kinley grew more excited to see her like that.

She came to Kira again, squatted down, and pinched her face so forcefully that her long fingernails sank deep into her flesh.

"You're as shameless as your slut mother!" She spat in Kira's face, "In the past, you couldn't get into my house. In the future, don't even think about it. Even though you sold yourself to pay off the gambling debts for my brother, we can't take you in and tarnish our family! People like you are just lowly playthings for men!"

Kira looked at her with her brows knitting together.

Rain fell on her eyes, covering the redness and hatred in them.

Kinley shoved her face down into the puddle a few times before getting up and going back into the house.

The door closed again, leaving Kira in the cold with the freezing rain on her face.

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