Billionaire's Sexy Mistress

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Chapter 2 Examine Your Body

Jonathan had a good night's sleep. Vivian, however, shuddered in his arms and didn't close her eyes all night.

As long as she moved a little, he would tighten his arms and held her more tightly. How was she able to resist Jonathan's robust limbs? Vivian found it both funny and annoying. This was absurd!

The deadlock lasted till around dawn. Racking her brains, Vivian tried another time to push him.

He seemed fast asleep and unresponsive?

Overjoyed, Vivian held her breath and got out of his arms. Just like this, they were huddling on the couch all night? Mr. Luke's hobby was... so special! Losing no time, she planned her escape!

For fear of waking him up, Vivian crept out and didn't even dare to breathe freely until she got out of the gate of the villa. Covering her chest, she opened her mouth to take a breath, "Ah... that was close! So close!"

While she dragged her injured leg to flee, a black Porsche drove over and pulled off steadily at the gate.

In the villa, Special Assistant Zack Tout looked at the fast-asleep Jonathan blankly.

How long? He hadn't seen him sleeping like this? Because of his chronic insomnia, Jonathan chose to live in a quiet villa and hired no servants.

Otherwise, Vivian wouldn't have climbed over the wall so easily last night.

Any slight noise would affect his sleep. That woman last night was Jonathan's new therapist. The former ones didn't help him much.

When the sunlight shone in, Jonathan's eyelids twitched, and he slowly opened his eyes.

He sat up from the couch. His hair was already dry and his forehead was revealed.

His features were sculpted. His eyebrows were thin, long, and smooth. His deep eyes glittered cold light. The bridge of his nose was high, and his pink lips were puckered. His face showed neither joy nor anger. The depths of his mind were impenetrable.

"Sir, you... had a good sleep last night?" Zack ventured to ask, "Looks like that therapist is capable."

"Humph!" Jonathan snorted faintly with a hint of disdain in his eyes.

It was his most relaxed and soundest sleep last night. He hadn't slept like that for years, and those professional therapists couldn't help him. Unexpectedly, an intruder made it happen!

How would he let her go?

"Don't let that woman come again. Did you see any other person when you came in?"

"Other person?" Zack shook his head in confusion, "Nope!"

Jonathan pursed his lips and landed his gaze on the sofa. There were a backpack and a camera. Before he spoke, Zack also looked over, walked there, and fetched the items for him.

"Sir, what is this?"

Jonathan only took the still wet backpack. Unzipping it, he found a wallet and a notebook inside. After he opened them, the corners of his lips curved up involuntarily in a satisfied smile.


Jonathan handed a wet badge to Zack, "Vivian Swift from SINO Web... find her!"

Editor-in-Chief's Office, SINO Web.

Hanging her head, Vivian came out with a pouted mouth. She had a bad day. Her salary was deducted, and she needed to pay for the camera. The medical expenses for treating her sprained ankle could not be reimbursed... She raised her head to take a breath when the voice of her colleagues assaulted her ears.

"Vivian, help me photocopy these files for the meeting!"

"Vivian, come here for a look at the typography!"

"Vivian, where are the coffee and pastries requested by Mr. Leigh?"


As busy as a spinning top, she hadn't stopped for a rest since seven o'clock yesterday morning. Until two o'clock in the afternoon, she finally made time to sit in a pantry and nibble on a cold hamburger.

The door was pushed open, and Vivian thought it was her colleague who came to urge her again. In a hurry, she wiped her mouth and stood up, "Coming..."

She raised her head but saw an unfamiliar man. Dressed in a well-ironed suit, he looked refined and courteous. Vivian thought he should be a client and thus smiled hurriedly, "Sir..."

Zack broke in and smiled, "Miss Swift?"

"Uh, yeah..." Vivian nodded, "Sir, how did you know..."

Before she could finish, Zack shouted to the behind, "Come in, take her away!"

"Huh?" Confounded by the situation, Vivian looked shocked.

Two men got in, silently caught her, and dragged her outside. Vivian widened her eyes. Was this abduction? Before she could call for help, her mouth was already covered by Zack.

Zack smiled faintly at her, "Sorry for the offense, Miss Swift. According to our boss, you are noisy, so..." He spread his hand, and his man handed him a tape, with which he sealed her mouth!

"Mm." With no way to call for help, Vivian was taken away and stuffed into a car that sped off.

In the consulting room of the hospital, Jonathan was sitting on a sofa. Neatly dressed, he slanted his long legs against the floor. Resting his forehead on one hand, he fiddled with an antique lighter with his right palm.

Surrounding him stood his men as well as doctors and nurses in white uniforms.

"Sir, the woman is here!"

Zack pushed open the door and led Vivian in. At the sight of Jonathan, she turned pale but couldn't speak behind the tape. She could only shake her head, "Mm..."

"Take her inside!" Jonathan raised his hand to instruct.

"Yes, Mr. Luke."

The nurses stepped up and pulled the frightened Vivian into the examination room. Pinning her down on the examination bed, they tied up her limbs. Unsure of their intentions, Vivian widened her eyes in horror and struggled in vain.

From the door, Jonathan walked in.

"Mr. Luke."

Jonathan walked to the examination bed, cast his eyes down on Vivian, and placed his hand on the jeans at her waist. Vivian was terror-stricken. What did the man want from her?

Jonathan arched his eyebrow, "Wanna speak?"

He was kind enough to remove the tape from her mouth.

"What do you want?" As soon as the tape was torn off, Vivian questioned him in a loud voice.

Jonathan thought for a while and answered seriously, "Help you... remove your pants and examine your body. You'd better be a virgin!"

"What?" Vivian straightened her waist but couldn't get up because her limbs were tied up. In shock, she glared at him, "You are insane. Let me go!"

Ignoring her request, Jonathan waved his hand towards behind, and the nurses immediately went out.

"Nah!" Jonathan sneered, placed his hand on her waist, held the brass zip, and pulled it down. His movement was swift and neat.

"Uh." Vivian felt her body stiffened. Overwhelmed by the shame, she paused for two seconds and then screamed, "Ah, stop, you pervert! Bastard! Scum!"

But he didn't stop.

From a box at the side, Jonathan took out a pair of sterile gloves and took them on. Aware of his intention, Vivian felt a shiver down her spine!

"Lunatic, pervert... stop."

It was too late...

Jonathan took off the gloves, tossed them into a trash can, and nodded in satisfaction. There was even a tinge of warmth in his gaze at Vivian, "Nice and clean."

"Get out!" Vivian gritted her teeth, and her tears kept falling? What kind of demon did she offend? Overwhelmed by the disgrace, she was dying to kill the man!

With his neat fingers, Jonathan loosened the straps around her limbs, turned around, and spoke in a deep voice, "Get dressed and come out."

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