Billionaire's Sexy Mistress

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Contemporary Romance>Billionaire's Sexy Mistress>Chapter 1 Her Smell Made Him Sleepy

Chapter 1 Her Smell Made Him Sleepy

Two o'clock in the morning, Pond Villa, west suburb of Durban.

Under the cover of night dotted with sparse lights, a pretty and slender figure jumped off the wall.

"Ow, ouch."

Vivian Swift sprained her ankle when she jumped down. Her eyebrows knitted, she endured the pain, stood up, crouched low, and walked in. As her cell phone vibrated in her pocket, she took it out and received a text message.

"Vivi, let's talk. Call me when you see the message." Sender: Hudson Attlee.

"Nah!" Vivian sneered as her eyes went dim. Collecting herself, she stuffed the phone back into her pocket and continued her way inside.

She had a backpack on her shoulder and a camera in her hand which was a standard 'paparazzi' equipment. Due to her aching foot, every step she took was painstaking. When she inadvertently raised her head, a delicate face was revealed.

Under her straight bang was her fair skin as tender as freshly shelled eggs. Her slanted big eyes glittered and reflected her mood. Her vermilion lips were as delicate as rose petals. Her skin and lips brought out the best in each other. A dimple on her left cheek was faintly visible yet lively.

Daring not come too close, Vivian held her breath and lay prone behind a rockery.

There was an open-air hot spring pool in the courtyard. Amid the stream, a man and a woman were bathing inside with little clothes on.

"Mr. Luke, what do you think? The essential oil has been changed according to your request." The woman raised her hands, placed her fingertips on the man's temples, and rubbed slowly in circles. From time to time, she would glance at the man who kept his eyes closed. Her look was coy, and her cheeks were rosy.

From the wrong angle, Vivian was unable to see the man's face and could only hear his deep voice, "Nothing special... the smell of the essential oil is still not right."

"Uh... really?" The woman paused slightly and moved closer to the man. Her fingertips also slid from his temples to his chest. Even her tone changed, "Mr. Luke..."

The voice... Vivian shook her shoulders and lifted her camera. Here came the headline!

"We forgot to learn how to lose our love..."

When she was just going to press the shutter, her cell phone suddenly rang in her pocket. Startled, Vivian took it out for a glance. It was Hudson again!

Angry and anxious, Vivian scrambled to hang up, but her shaking hand pressed down the answering button. Then a deep male voice with a tinge of rage came out, "Vivian, why didn't you reply to my message? We haven't broken up yet..."

"Darn it!" Utterly discomfited, she simply hung up and turned off the phone.

Everything quieted down again, and Vivian lifted her head... game over!

Knowing that she should run, she immediately got up but couldn't move fast on her injured foot. What was worse, she tripped over a pebble, stumbled to the hot spring pool, and hung onto its wall.

"Ah..." Vivian screamed in pain and panic.

Jonathan Luke abruptly opened his slanted, deep eyes with displeasure. The woman hurriedly drew back her hand that reached for his chest and reminded him in a low voice, "Mr. Luke, camera..."

Jonathan glanced at her and spoke indifferently, "Get out!"

... Without further ado, the woman rose and got out of the pool.

Slightly lifting his chin and casting his eyes down, Jonathan walked towards Vivian. Dumbfounded, she didn't dare to move and just looked at him blankly.

"Paparazzi? Tabloid reporter?" Jonathan's deep voice sounded elegant to the ear.

"I..." Vivian looked up at him and swallowed nervously.

Jonathan stared at her with narrowed eyes, and the corner of his lips curved up in a spurious smile. After a glance at the camera near her hand, he slowly lifted his hand for her.


Amid her scream, Vivian was pulled into the pool and got choked by the profuse hot water, "Cough, cough, cough..."

Before she could catch a breath, her waist was clasped by a strong force.


In an instant, her body was pulled close to the tall man, and their skin was contacted. The air was too ambiguous.

Vivian raised her head and struggled. The top of her head hit Jonathan's jaw. With a height of 1.7 meters, she was not short, but the man was more than a head taller.

Her heart somehow raced when she saw the man clearly. It turned out that... Mr. Luke, CEO of Durban, was so handsome.

He had a broad shoulder, a thin waist, long legs, as well as lean and robust build. The lower half of his body was invisible underwater. His light chestnut hair was disheveled and still dripping with water. From his thick chest, the droplets with a warm luster kept trickling down along his eight-pack abs, which set off his tall figure.

Short of breath, Vivian nervously opened her lips. At close range, her breaths sprayed on Jonathan's face.

All of a sudden, he slightly arched his bushy eyebrow, and a hint of incredulity appeared in his eyes... The smell of this woman! Somehow, he felt so familiar!

The therapist had been looking for the scent, and it was incredibly found in this woman? Not quite certain, he lowered his head, buried his face in the pit of her neck, and inhaled greedily.

The soaking damp, the buzz in her ears, and the strange sensation from her neck frightened Vivian so much that she was about to cry, "Mr. Luke... what are you doing? I admit my mistake and won't take another picture! Please spare me!"

Oblivious to her plea, he held her more tightly, and Vivian's eyes were filled with horror, "Mr. Luke, I'm begging you, please let me go. I didn't take a single picture!"

Without a word, Jonathan just inhaled the smell of her body.

"Mr. Luke, you don't believe me? You can check my camera. Really, I didn't take any pictures... It's my job, and I'm sorry for the disturbance. I promise I won't do this again..."

No matter how she begged for mercy, he didn't respond the whole time. While he buried his face in the pit of her neck, his thin lips unscrupulously rubbed against her skin.

"Ah... Mr. Luke, I..."

During her plea, Jonathan suddenly bent over, lowered his head, and sealed her chattering mouth quickly, accurately, and vigorously! To shut her mouth was his intention, but the astringent marshmallow taste was so captivating that the kiss could not be stopped!

That was the smell! Accidental and obtrusive, but it was the exact smell!

"Mm..." Vivian's mind went blank, and she felt the air was drained by her lungs little by little. Her body was pressed into his chest so hard as if she was about to be consumed! Did she interrupt him and have to repay him with her body?

"Boohoo..." Vivian cried in fear, "Mr. Luke, please let me go! I'm just a reporter. My figure is poor, my appearance is common, and I have no experience..."

Jonathan suddenly clasped the back of her head and whispered in her ear, "Quiet!"

"Huh?" Vivian was dazed and scooped up from the hot spring pool.

Jonathan only had a wet bath towel around his waist, and she was soaked. Her clothes stuck to her body, attenuating her curvy figure.

Carrying her, Jonathan strode inside and threw her into a wide sofa. In fear, Vivian's tone changed.

"Mr.... Luke!"

Jonathan's tall body then pressed down on her, pinning her down easily. He snatched the wet backpack and camera before throwing them on the floor. His eyelids drooped, and the long-lost drowsiness kicked in... He buried his head in the pit of her neck, "Sleepy, hit the sack!"

When his limbs wrapped around the dumbfounded Vivian, she couldn't move a bit!

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