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Contemporary Romance>Desperate Housewife>Chapter 1 Almost Being strangled

Chapter 1 Almost Being strangled

It hurt!

While Abigail was sleeping, a pair of strong hands grabbed her by the neck and cut off her breath. With all her efforts, she could not shake off the fingers that were entangling her. Due to the lack of oxygen, she was about to suffocate.

She snapped her eyes open, and a pair of dark eyes with a frosty look in them was staring at her.

George Gates!

"Are you out of your mind? Get off me!" She kept struggling to free herself from the man's grip, her face flushed.

"I'm out of my mind, and I'm going to kill you, you snotty woman!" Gritting his teeth, George put forth more strength on his hands, the anger in his pretty eyes soaring.

Abigail was terrified, shouting hysterically, "George, calm down! I'm your wife..."

"Shut up! I don't have a wife as shameless as you who would drug a man!" George was giving off a furious, cold vibe.

He was here because his grandfather had been hospitalized the day before on account of a heart attack. However, he had not expected that the damn woman before his eyes would have drugged him.

He would have killed the woman if he had not still had a shred of sanity left to suppress his wrath.

"Drug a man? You mean you'd taken drugs last night?"

With those explicit, erotic images flooding into her mind, Abigail's initially burning hot face became pale and bloodless in a second. She felt an intense soreness in her chest as if someone had hit it with a sharp object.

Was he drugged? No wonder he had acted so eagerly last night.

He was drugged! No wonder he had treated her like a different woman last night.

Being slightly absent-minded, Abigail lowered her eyes to see the scratches all over George's naked upper body and the deep teeth marks on his broad shoulders, and her heart was saddened.

Without getting the entire matter straight, how could he blame the woman for drugging him?

"I didn't drug you. I'm not that kind of shameless woman!"

Abigail stared at the man with an indocile, straightforward look and shining tears in her eyes, breathing hard.

"Well, if it's not you, tell me who the fuck it is!" George became even angrier at the sight of her feignedly innocent face.

Last night, if she were not wearing such a meek, tender expression while delivering milk to him. He would not have let his guard down and drank it. He felt remorseful and angry that he had betrayed Tina Grey and had sex with Abigail.

At the thought of this, George's unclenched fingers abruptly tightened up again, and the anger in his dark eyes had turned into deep hatred.

"Abigail, I didn't mean to reckon with what happened the year before, but you have done this kind of shameless thing again and again. I am warning you, even though I've acknowledged your status as my lawful wife, I can always take the approval back and kick you out of the Gates Family!"

George's eyes were bloodshot, and hatred was burning away the last vestiges of his sanity. His fingers wrapped around Abigail's neck turned pale due to excessive exertion of strength. Abigail could only exhale but not inhale, however, the pain in her chest from the lack of oxygen was less than half the pain at the bottom of her heart!

She had no idea what the man was talking about the last year, and why he was so angry.

Her brain was turning dizzier and dizzier, and her consciousness was becoming more and more blurry, but the pain deep inside was growing clearer and more profound. George was literally going to strangle her!

"I don't even understand...what you're saying...I didn't do...anything!"

The image Abigail could see was getting darker and darker. She did not want to die. Out of the unquenchable desire to survive, she somehow managed to twist her leg and kick the man in his private parts.


Being kicked in the fragile part of his lower body, George instantly released the woman and collapsed onto one side of the bed.

Abigail greedily breathed in the fresh air while reaching out to his shoulders. In a panic, her glance encountered the man's deep-set eyes, and instantly, her heart began to pound violently.

In the man's eyes, she looked like a piece of bright jade, and hickeys covered her delicate, pale skin.

Though there was still irrepressible disgust with the woman in George's heart, the place where she kicked him actually...

He actually...

George looked at the woman in disbelief, tamping down the doubt in his heart, and roared, "Get lost!"

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