Mr.President's Priceless Sweetheart

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Contemporary Romance>Mr.President's Priceless Sweetheart>Chapter 2: Yes, just Mina

Chapter 2: Yes, just Mina

James" Have you ever considered having any serious relationship"

Charles "What do you need woman for? Physiological needs?

He took a sip of red wine and said "I don't need to waste my energy to persuade the woman for Physiological needs. I already can get any woman with my charm and money?

James: "No wonder people say men thinks with their lower body. So in your opinion the man are only tool to quench your thirst"

Charles smiled lightly and said "To say vaguely yes"

James sighed "God knows when you will understand the real meaning of love and importance of love"

"Anyway let me introduce my fiancée."

James called a girl, who is talking with a group of women. The lady asked for excuse and ascended towards James.

Both are in relationship for 3 years.

Then came a girl wearing a long cocktail black dress with a slit at thigh length. She have a chestnut color hair with almond eyes.

James introduced the girl to Charles.

"Hello Charles. My name is Natasha Jones. How are you doing? "

Natasha is fiancée of James. Both are in relationship for more than 3 years.


James searched around and asked Natasha "where is Mina. I did not see her around after party started"

Natasha pointed index finger and showed in the direction of a chair where a lady is sitting on the chair alone.

She seems to be drinking something

She is having black color long hair which is touching her waist with curly tips.

Her waist is very slender just like a wasp.

"Natasha call her. We will introduce her to Charles."

Charles stunned for a moment and asked "who is the owner of that wasp waist"

Natasha took out her mobile phone and called the lady.

"Hello Mina. Came you come here for a second."

"I want to introduce you to a person"

"Please Mina, give me a face"

"Ok. We are standing right behind you"


Charles is sipping red wine and looking calmly towards the chair.

The girl got up and slowly towards them.

Her white pleated dress is fluttering due to wind. She is wearing 3 inches gold heels.

She is holding a glass perhaps she is drinking orange juice.

As the figure is descending the facial features are clearer.

The girl have big black eyes. Her nose bridge is high and sharp, under that there is small mouth with red petal. Her skin is very white as milk and as smooth as cream.

Her color bone is damn tempting which would make the people go crazy just at the sight.

As the girl came Natasha introduced her to Charles.

"Charles this is mina. My roommate and my best friend. "

Charles extended his hand "Hi. I am Charles brown"

The girl also gave extended her hand "Hello. My name is Mina"


"Yes just Mina"

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