Mr.President's Priceless Sweetheart

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Contemporary Romance>Mr.President's Priceless Sweetheart>Chapter 1 : \"who is the owner of that wasp waist\"

Chapter 1 : \"who is the owner of that wasp waist\"

There lis saying that God creates everybody pairs. Girl will be born some where, boy will be born some where, brought up in different conditions and get together by destiny.

The couple will cherish their bonding depends on there attitude and unconditional love towards each other.

Charles Brown abandoned from the love of his mother, the first woman in every man's life.

He is ruthless king in the kingdom of business. he became the president of skyline group at the age of 25.

He is very successful person in both the terms of social status or wealth. but there is unfilled emptiness in his heart none of women could fill.

In A city, Victoria hotel.

the Victoria hotel is most luxurious hotel in A city and one of the hotel under Charles hotel chains.

In the presidential suite, 1808 there are 2 people who are who are rolling on the bed naked.

The entire room temperature is increased few degrees. Even air conditioner could not bring the temperature down.

the man is crazily biting, nibbling and sucking every inch of women body. the women is almost one step closer to Heaven.

After the heavy excercise the people finally took break.

The woman fell asleep while man got up and entered the bathroom. The man dressed up elegantly and placed the cheque of 1 million.

The assistant Tom is waiting for his young master. Charles got out of the suite and walking towards the elevator along with assistant.

Charles never persuade any women but never  rejects women who want to sleep with him. he rewards generously to.

That's why so many women want crawl into his bed as he fulfills any of there one wish after he satisfied.

Charles dressed elegantly and came out. Assistant Tom reported that the banquet has started.

today the annual celebration of the new era company is going on. the ceo James is close friend of Charles. so he came as honored guest.

new era is medium level company established by James at the age of 20. with his ebilility a startup company as a medium level based one.

Charles and James are childhood friends.

So, just as party started one blonde beauty seduced Charles. so he also had a good time with beauty.

James: "where have you been. I am searching for. I met you at the beginning of the party later you dissapeared ".

james called the waiter and handed over the red wine cup to Charles

Charles:"you know that I don't like these boring parties. I just came to keep you heart. so I went in search of entertainment "

James:"have you ever considered having serious relationship. you are already 25 years old. from your relationships you doesn't seem to be a abnormal "

Tom burst out laughing but controlled.

Charles snortred and said "I never encountered any woman whom I should consider seriously. you give them money and sex they are satisfied. so nobody are worthy of my heart. "

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