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 Clarifying Announcement

To Authors:

Recently, three apps under STARMOON were removed from Google Play. Affected by this matter, many authors are worried about the business operations of STARMOON. And some false rumors are also spread online. First of all, we apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. At the same time, we are here to make the following detailed explanation of your doubts.


Q: Is STARMOON still operating normally?

A: There is no doubt that STARMOON is still operating normally and will continue to develop in the future.

We believe that you have already had a basic understanding of STARMOONM when decided to work with STARMOON, but to avoid any unnecessary dispute, we hope to introduce more details about STARMOON to you.

First, STARMOON was established in Singapore in September 2020. Its head office is Nanjing Fenbu Culture Development Limited (, one of the top online literature publishing companies in China. It has more than 10 years of experience in online literature publishing and operating. Also, invested by iReader, it has strong financial strength which can provide continuous support for the development of STARMOON. Therefore, STARMOON will never be dead due to the issue of apps being removed. Instead, we will actively look for solutions to solve this issue and turn the challenge into a development opportunity.

Secondly, there are three apps and one website under STARMOON, which are Start To Read, Fasynovel, LikiNovel and Although three apps have been removed forcibly from Google Play, the website can still be accessed normally. And all writing contests held on the site are also in progress.

Thirdly, our IT team is stepping up to develop a new app now. It will be launched soon in a brand new form. So, we are happy to welcome more authors to join us and develop with us in the future.


Q: Why were apps removed from Google Play? Did STARMOON do it intentionally?

A: There may be a lot of speculation about this matter. But in fact, these three apps were all forced to be removed from Google Play under the legal and reasonable operation. The reason for termination is that these apps violate the relevant policies of Google Play. But we cannot confirm the specific reasons for termination because of the complex policies of Google. We submitted for review many times but all failed. So we had to accept the processing result that the three apps were removed permanently.


Q: Does STARMOON launch another app without notifying the author, and use the app to make money without giving the author a share?

A:STARMOON is a formal and legal company. We signed a legally valid contract with each contracted author. Author can see detailed income compositions that STARMOON should pay to you in the contract. Also every type of income is also listed in detail on “My Income” page of STARMOON writing center, which updates every month.

STARMOON once launched free apps, iFreeNovel, TrendiNovel and PrisNovel. However, iFreeNovel and TrendiNovel haven't been running for a long time. And now, they both have been removed from Google Play because of the impact of termination. About PrisNovel app, we worried that it would be implicated too, so we took it down by ourselves. You may check whether the relevant apps are still available for download on Google Play. There was no display of this part income because these apps had no downloads and no revenue generated before they were removed.

Except for the app or website officially announced by STARMOON, if you find that your work has been published, used, misappropriated, or profited without authorization in other platforms, please contact STARMOON for help. We will resolutely safeguard the rights and interests of authors.


Q: What happens to our works after apps were removed from Google Play?

A:Please don’t worry. Our IT team is developing a new app to replace them. It is expected to launch a test version in early November. At that time, We will invite you to participate in the internal testing. Every valuable opinion of yours will be highly appreciated and cherished.

When the new APP is launched, STARMOON will increase publicity efforts to ensure that more readers can join.

In addition, the revenue from new app will be displayed on your income page. If there is revenue generated from Start To Read, Fasynovel, and LikiNovel, it will also be displayed.

Before that, you can still visit Fasynovel website to read your story and view reader comments.

Finally, STARMOON is very grateful to every author who has been supporting us and trusting us for all the time. Without you, without STARMOON. Also, please don’t believe the false rumors on the internet. If you have any doubts, please feel free to consult us and we will do our best to help you.

STARMOON expects and appreciates your continued support in the future.


(STARMOON will reserve the right to pursue legal responsibilities for slander and malicious smear.)