How can I contribute my novel(s)?

How can I contribute my novel(s)?

Want to make your works enjoyed by more readers?

Want to get our editors' professional advice?

Please submit your work(s) to our official E-mail

We will contact to you within 48 hours!


1. Both draft (at least 10 chapters and no less than 1000 words per chapter) and link of your works are acceptable.

2. Infos of works are necessary. (such as the official title, author,categories, synopsis descriptions and so on).

3. Please tell us at least one your instant messaging account (for a further cooperation).

4. Uploading other's work is prohibited.

5. No child porn content.

6. The content you submit must be original, and you have created it in your spare time and personal material and technical conditions, which is a non-job creation activity.

7. Please ensure that the work you submit does not infringe on the rights of any third party. If the above situation exists, you will independently bear all legal liabilities arising therefrom.

Works with high quality will be signed and displayed on our platforms.

For copyright issues,check here.