Secret of Hidden Marriage

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Contemporary Romance>Secret of Hidden Marriage>Chapter 1 Betrayed

Chapter 1 Betrayed

Cissy plodded through the crowd in a subway station, feeling like her body was falling apart.

She rubbed her aching shoulder. She was immediately lightened up when she looked at the light in a block of flats.

This was her home where lived a man she loved.

When the elevator arrived, she rushed out to open the door of her flat with keys and found a pair of woman's shoes on the hallway. It looked very familiar. Cissy bought it for Gloria Luis as a present.

Why Gloria had not told her that she would come, she wondered. Gloria was not well acquainted with her boyfriend. They knew each other because of Cissy.

Then, she was stunned by what she heard. It was Gloria's voice, but somehow it sounded so coquettish and so breathless.

"Chad, Chad! Harder!"

"Easy, my girl," said the man amusedly.

It was Chad, but he was also panting and sounded quite different from usual.

All of a sudden, Cissy's brain went blank and her face turned pale. She knew what that sound was, even though she had no experience.

Clothes scattered everywhere in the living room, indicating how passionate they were.

The licentious noise of the girl came from the master bedroom door that faced the living room.

Cissy had thought she could enjoy a moment of warmth after she got home from a tiring job. Now she had to face a very cruel scene. Thinking of this, she cowered.

"When Cissy is working in a film crew, you, you... so horny... seems like she didn't satisfy..." said Gloria coquettishly, holding Chad's shoulders.

"Don't you like it? How could she compare with you? She's frigid," said the man gasping and sniggering.

Cissy walked in the living room calmly. Judging from the opened door, they had been very hurried. Cissy could see two naked bodies twining together from the living room. This scene made Cissy disgusted.

It was early winter and the weather had cooled a little. Cissy went to the bathroom and got a basin of water. Then she carried it to the bedroom and poured the water into them before they noticed her.

"Ow!" Gloria screamed and the two naked bodies moved apart instantly. When they saw Cissy, they were both stunned.

Looking at the panic-stricken pair, speechlessly and calmly, Cissy felt her heart was torn into pieces.

Chad had never thought Cissy would come back today. She was a stuntwoman and should be working in the crew since there were many action scenes for the leading role she did stunts for.

"Shouldn't you be in the crew? Why are you here?" Chad was nervous and his eyebrows frowned.

"How could I miss such a good scene?" Cissy's eyes were full of anger. The thought of killing them flashed through her mind.

"Cissy, it is because you don't want to do it with me!" said Chad fiercely.

He picked clothes randomly from the closet and put them on, then threw a blanket to Gloria.

After she covered herself, Gloria, without a trace of shame on her face, glared at Cissy.

"Get out of here!" Cissy shouted when she noticed Gloria's provoking glare.

Gloria turned to look at Chad with her red eyes. She trembled with cold, trying her very best to show how pitiful she was.

Gloria's poor looking motivated Chad's protectiveness. "If you have to yell, yell at me. Don't do that to her. She was your best friend!" said Chad.

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