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Contemporary Romance>Mr CEO's One Night Spoil>Chapter 1 The Sinking Night

Chapter 1 The Sinking Night

Lavender bloomed in full bloom, and the fragrance of flowers wafted in the air.

The Night wind blew, and the flower sea was undulating.

Sophie turned on her mobile phone and went down the field to the small white house near the flower beds. The Night breeze was very cold. She only wore a white sleeveless cotton nightdress with a pair of ordinary cartoon rabbit sandals on her feet. Seeing the little house was right in front of her, she looked happy. Suddenly, a strong force came from the flowers on the side, and a large palm clenched her fragile right shoulder tightly.

"Ah!" Sophie exclaimed in a fright, and the cell phone fell into the flowers, and the faint light disappeared.

The next moment, Sophie was dragged into a fiery and hard chest.

"One million for one night, give me!"

The man's voice came from behind, his mellow voice, dull and low like bass.

Sophie's heart beat like a drum, and she had no time to react.

"No! You're looking for the wrong person!" Sophie's eyes widened and she struggled hard.

"Um ... don't wait, can't wait? Good girl!" The man's voice became dumber and dumber.

"Let me go! Asshole!"

Sophie struggled, but she found that the man was very tall and straight, and he was as heavy as a mountain.

She was frightened and stared, but she could only see the man's back facing the starry sky, the contours of a sharp-edged face with the flames of desire jumping in his eyes that were colder than the stars above her head.

She struggled desperately, but still couldn't escape like a little white rabbit under the claws of a hawk.

The tear came, and the man's overwhelming kiss blocked Sophie's mouth.

After a long time, the man's bewildering voice sounded again, hoarse and with a different kind of nagging.

"It's sweet, give me one million more, eh?"

"You prick! I will kill you! Hey ..." Sophie's voice was no longer clear.

This wicked man, how could he do evil things like demons in such a pure and holy place!

After the wind, the girl's white dress had been stained by purple flower mud, and the clean floral fragrance was mixed with the extravagant atmosphere like musk, like the sinking of an angel.

This was Purple Field Town, famous for planting thousands of acres of lavender. It had attracted many film and television companies to come and take pictures. It had long become a film and television base.

Recently, the internationally renowned great Director Williams brought several actors and actresses to film a big production movie. The director saw Sophie, who went home during the college holiday, and invited her to play an important supporting role.

Sophie did not expect that when her sister Rosa heard this news, she would lie to her out of the house in the middle of the Night, lock the door, and let her never open it. Her parents heard the sound, but refused to stop her sister.

Rosa's words echoed at this time.

"You're so capable, you can make the director like you at first glance. Did you two make love a long time ago? Why are you coming back? Isn't it good to sleep in the director's star hotel? I won't open the door for you, get out!"

Homeless, Sophie could only choose the small ornamental house near the flower seas to shelter from the Night wind, but did not expect to encounter such a bad thing.

With the betrayal of her family and the man's ruthless tart cutting, Sophie's tears wet the purple flowers under her.

Sophie didn't know how many times this strong and obsessed man occupied her during this horrible night.

When day broke, the man who was tireless finally got completely lame.

He let go of her hands that had been clasped. Being free, Sophie scrambled in the flower field, bumped into a hard object, and instinctively grabbed and patted the man's head.

"Sweet girl, tell me your name ... uh!"

Before the man's words were finished, he was shot by Sophie's unexpected stone. It was just when he was lazy and loose that he was hit.

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