The Billionaire's First Love

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Contemporary Romance>The Billionaire's First Love>Chapter 1 Milk stains on his pants

Chapter 1 Milk stains on his pants

On the plane of going back to Atlanta City, Lora Jones was still somewhat in a trance.

She was looking at the entertainment magazines of the plane with boredom, and Yolanda Jones' engagement photos were showed in all the magazines.

Delicate eyes and eyebrows, and happy smiles.

The one standing next to her seemed to be a gorgeous millionaire?

Seeing that photo at a glance, Lora lost her interest and she prepared to close the magazine.

The necklace......

She quickly opened the magazine and clearly saw that purple noble necklace around Yolanda's neck!


A wave of anger crept up on her quietly. She suddenly felt a little dizzy and very sick to her stomach.

It was at this point that she realized she hadn't eaten anything all day.

The flight attendant seemed to see that she was not look right. She gently served a glass of milk over.


The flight attendant smiled and walked away.

Lora took a sip, but she felt a wave of nausea in her stomach before she could swallow the milk. She hurriedly covered her mouth and get up!


"I'm sorry......well......"

Lora swore that she had never been in such a mess in her life!

But the man splashed with milk was probably a little unluckier than she was!

She covered her mouth and retched twice, then the feeling of nausea was relieved a little.

"Sir, I'm very sorry, would you please follow me over here and deal with it," the stewardess came here with a slightly panic, but still smiled sweetly.

It was only at this moment that Lora saw who she had offended......

The man in front of her wore a natty suit and had an indifferent and detached look, with the demeanor of a strategist!

Handsome, reserved and self-possessed!

Brian Williams, the business magnate who controlled the economic lifeblood of Atlanta City, was definitely a legendary figure to Lora!

At this moment, Brian looked down at Lora without expression.

But she could see the suppressed anger in Brian's eyes......

"Mr. Williams, I'm really sorry, I......"

"Wipe it off for me."

Lora froze a moment and nodded somewhat with a little guilty, "Fine, then let's go to the bathroom."

Outside the bathroom which was especially for First Class, Lora washed her small hands by herself, not taking Brian behind her seriously at all......

Brian wasn't in a hurry either, crooking his head and contemplating her.

Medium-length hair was tied up into a lazy bun, and a few strands of playful and messy hair were scattered around the back of her white neck.

Languid, and quiet.

The black slim T-shirt with a wide boat neckline revealed her round and white shoulders. The large skeletons figure on her chest still could not hide her beauty.

Her trouser was a casual style in the same colorway, and her loose drop-crotch showed her a little bit uninhibited, especially with a bright and sexy red lip on the right hip, making others couldn't help wondering......

Such an unbridled dress expressed the beautiful youth that she was about to bloom incisively and vividly!

Brian couldn't control himself at a moment, looking away slightly.

Lora turned around and smiled, "Mr. Williams, have you seen enough?"

She wore no make-up but the delicate little face was very bright, with a slight smile, making others feel even more heartwarming!

Brian remembered she was......

"The second daughter of Jones Family, and the most beautiful girl in Atlanta City, Lora?" His voice was low and cold, with a hint of seduction.

"It turns out that Mr. Williams also has an impression of a nobody like me. I feel very honored. but Mr. Williams, you are a bit wrong about one point, I am the older daughter of......Jones Family."

Yolanda, that illegitimate daughter, she had never admitted her!

The look in Brian's eyes slightly changed and he didn't say a word.

Lora casually drew out a wet paper towel, glancing at the dark grey suit, the corners of her mouth was twitched slightly!

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