The Rebirth of a Miracle Doctor,Noah Spelburg

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Contemporary Romance>The Rebirth of a Miracle Doctor,Noah Spelburg>Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"What? Do you want to stay here? " Mike is really angry now.

"My landlord kicked me out of the house penniless and I tried to went to my girlfriend’s place for the night, but she cheated on me. You saved my life and I had to stay with you!" Noah Spelburg tone of voice said blandly, didn't want to stand up at all.

"Evil, evil, Lillian, how many times have I told you, we couldn’t save people randomly, you see, you see, you are back in trouble." Mike while scolding her daughter, while decisively picked up the phone, dialed 110, "hello, police station?" There's a cad in my clinic. He won't pay for the treatment. He's still staying here. Yes, yes, Piper Street. All right, come quickly. "

He hung up the phone, also didn't say anything with Noah Spelburg, paced to the clinic door, just waiting for the police to come to the door.

"Dad, why did you call the police? Is there anything you couldn’t say? " Lillian Quinn’s urgent face flushed.

Noah Spelburg raiesd eyebrows, he wanted to stay here to practice Mystery Medicine Manual, and turned into Taoism, by the way to carry the father and daughter, with their Mystery Medicine Sect stunts, even just small tricks could also be enough for them to have glorious life. But who know, Mike was simply ungrateful.

"Forget it. Unblessed. But she is a good girl, and if we should meet again, he would repay her some day. " Noah Spelburg made up his mind, stood up.

But as soon as he got up, two men hurried up to the clinic door, one of whom was supported by his companion, and from time to time uttered a cry of pain.

"Uncle Quinn, please check my father. His stomach hurts badly. My daughter—in—law has gone to take a taxi. It's not a good time to take a taxi. Please check him first." Cried a young man in his thirties, hurrying the patient into the clinic, as he walked.

Noah Spelburg's heart moved, and he couldn't help but sigh: "There is a destiny in the dark. It seems that I have a destiny with this clinic."

Mike has helped the young people to help the patient to the hospital bed, while urgently loudly asked: "Hawk, I said old fellow, what is wrong with you?"

The old man called Hawk has been in pain out of breath, simply couldn’t say a word, cold sweat was dripping, face was pale.

"Hang on, Hawk. I'll give you two stitches." Mike hurriedly took out acupuncture needles, a needle twisted into the patient's Zhongwan point, which is the first big point for the treatment of gastrointestinal discomfort.

Afterwards, Xiawan, Guandollars, Zusanli, Shangjuxu and other large acupoints were also needled.

However, Hawk was still in pain, sweating, and his face became more and more pale.

"Strange, no matter be what gastrointestinal disease, if these a few needles go down, it also should have a little effect? Mike saw no improvement of Hawk, head also saw the sweat, muttered in a low voice.

Scratched his head, just want to needle again, but by the side of a hand stretched out of the block.

It was Noah Spelburg’s hand, three fingers put on the patient's wrist, taking the pulse.

"Hey, hey, don't mess with me!" Mike see Noah Spelburg’s action, angrily cried.

Noah Spelburg turned a deaf ear, after the pulse, stretched out his hand to pull out a few needles of Mike.

"Hey, what are you doing? If Hawk has any problems, it 's all your responsibility. " Mike saw Noah Spelburg pull out the needle, his old face turned red, couldn't help but cry.

Noah Spelburg still ignored him, proficient enough to reinsert the needle into the patient again, and then again with that special technique gently twisted the end of the needle, acupuncture needle shook up in everyone's surprised eyes.

Hawk's Governor Vessel, Conception Vessel and Pericardial Meridian gradually appeared four thin pink lines.

"Ah? What's wrong with my father? " Hawk's son was frightened into a cry of surprise. "Uncle Quinn, who is this? Okay? Don 't do anything if you don' t understand. "

Mike at this time surprisingly did not disturb Noah Spelburg, but toward the son of Hawk quietly "shh", motioned to him to shut up.

Hawk's son just wanted to ask again, but found that, with the appearance of the pink thin line, father Hawk unexpectedly gradually stopped that kind of screaming pain, and, his face also gradually blushed.

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