The Rebirth of Hacker Queen

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Contemporary Romance>The Rebirth of Hacker Queen>Chapter 1 Their conspiracy

Chapter 1 Their conspiracy

The maternity ward in Queen Mary Hospital, in Summer City.

Kate Stark was lying on the operating table with her hair disheveled, her face was pale, dripping with sweat, her legs were wide apart, and blood was pouring out from her lower body, turning the snow-white sheets blood red.

In the blood lay a tiny baby, the umbilical cord still attached to the mother's body, his eyes tightly closed, his face was purple, his mouth slightly opened and his tiny chest was slowly rising and falling.

Yvonne Stark took the tools on the operating table and fiddled with the baby and said, " little nephew is still alive after all sorts of torturing."

Ken Brook pulled a cold smile from the corner of his mouth and cast a sidelong glance at the baby, "What's the point of living, is a bitch qualified to bear my child, to bear the Brook family's great-grandson, huh!"

Kate looked at the two people in front of her, the hatred in her heart growing like wild weeds, the fire of hatred burning in her eyes, and she gritted her teeth and scolded, "You must die in my boots!"

Yvonne giggled without shame, "Is sister blind? Now in this situation, you can't even get off the operating table, how can we die in your boots, right, Ken?"

Kate's body trembled, she clenched her fists, her nails were deeply embedded in the flesh of her palm, and her teeth were gnashing, "How dare you guys, if you do this, won't you be afraid of my father......."

"Oops....honey, I am sooo scared." Yvonne deliberately hugged Ken in a spoiled manner, said with a pretty smile, "Maybe I forgot to tell you, I am the real Stark family, how would dad blame me?"


What did she mean?

Kate only felt a mouthful of blood rush up her throat, feeling that she and her mother had been living as a joke all these years, she stared deadly at the overjoyed Yvonne!

Ken suddenly opened his mouth gloomily, "Kate, do you want to see your baby now?"

Kate struggled to get up, but after the difficult birth, she was so weak that she fell down just after getting up a little bit, and could only screamed in anger, "What do you want? I warn you....."

Yvonne interrupted her, "Your mother is dead, my father wouldn't have been able to look at you, now even you're hanging on by a thread, who else can you warn?"

"No, please let off my baby......" Kate, who had been repeatedly hit, could no longer hold on, and shedding her strong disguise, she wept bitterly while begging them.

Ken cut the umbilical cord and grabbed the child by one leg, directly throwing him next to Kate before she finally saw the child who hadn't even cried since he was born.

Yvonne was getting closer, with her five fingers tightly grabbing Kate by her hair, said gloomily, "Get off him? You're dreaming! If I were you, I'd keep my eyes open now, lest I couldn't even recognize him in the hell."

The child's green and purple face deeply stung Kate's heart, how much she wanted to touch his face and raise him up, but unfortunately, she could not even protect herself now and could only watch him step by step towards death.

Surprisingly, in the midst of her grief, she heard Yvonne say again, "Honey, am I smart enough that solve her devil mother first, then give her a fatal blow......"

It turned out that mom's car accident was not an accident, it was their intentional killing, Kate, who learned the truth, hated so deeply that her hatred seemed to dash to the sky, "Ken Brook, Yvonne Stark, I will not let you go even if I became a ghost!"

Kate felt herself drifting up in pain, while the one on the operating table was staring at herself with big eyes like a jingle bell, two rows of blood flowing from the corners of her eyes, and she was already dead but unable to close her eyes.

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