The Substitute Bride Can't Escape

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Contemporary Romance>The Substitute Bride Can't Escape>Chapter 2 Allergy, No Sex with Man

Chapter 2 Allergy, No Sex with Man

Too late to dodge, Olivia was hit hard on the forehead.

She stumbled and shed blood before the pain got the better of her.

"Scoundrel, tell me, what did you do last night?"

Her heart convulsing, Olivia glanced at her furious father on the couch as well as her mother and sister who were holding back their laughter.

Olivia raised her hand to wipe the blood off her head and asked calmly, "Dad, what are you talking about?"

"According to your sister, she saw you fooling around and even sleeping with a man last night. Is it true?"

Olivia glanced at Jessica White who immediately cast her eyes down and showed an aggrieved look as innocent as a white pond lily, "Ollie, sorry, I worried about you and had to tell dad."

"Your sister is for your good. What, you fooled around and don't allow others to talk?" Greg White noticed Olivia's glare at his eldest daughter and spoke up.

"No, but I didn't fool around nor had sex with a man."

"You mean your sister wronged you?"

Frustrated by her father's firm belief in Jessica, Olivia felt bitterness inside her mouth.

"Certainly, we cannot wrong Ollie. How about I check her body? If she is speaking the truth, we will clear her name." Carol Clark stood up and spoke to Olivia gently, "Come, follow mom to the room."

"That won't be necessary." Instead of looking at Carol's pretentious face, Olivia stepped forward, "Since dad doesn't believe me, I should show you everything here in case dad would suspect that mom covers it up for me."

She unbuttoned her blouse and took off her jacket, leaving only a camisole.

When her arm, chest, and neck were seen, the other three all widened their eyes in disbelief.

Her exposed skin, covered with erythema, looked terrifying.

"I accidentally ate seafood last night which caused my allergy. I was staying in the hospital all night." Following her words, she took out a plastic bag. Holding packs of medicine, she claimed, "These are the medicine prescribed by the doctor."

Before Jessica could say anything, Olivia fished out a medical record and showed it to Greg.

The time on the medical record was clear. It was ten o'clock last night.

The evidence was certain. Carol looked at Jessica with inquiringly eyes. Biting her lip, Jessica shook her head helplessly.

"Jessie, didn't you say that you saw your sister with your own eyes?" Greg looked at Jessica with scrutinizing and knowing eyes.

"Dad, maybe, maybe I was wrong." Jessica hastened to admit her mistake before apologizing to Olivia, "Sorry, Ollie, it's my fault. That person I saw wore the same clothes as you, and you didn't come back last night. I was so worried and lost sleep. If I knew you were in the hospital, I would definitely have been there taking care of you."

Seeing that, Olivia couldn't help sneering in her heart. Jessica deserved to be called a drama queen. Her acting skills were getting better.

"Sis, you should be careful next time. Luckily, I know about your personality, otherwise, I would believe you try to slander me."

Jessica's face stiffened, "How would I do that?"

Olivia had been guarding against the mother and daughter. Before she came back, she deliberately made herself allergic and got a medical record from the hospital which really came in handy.

Without doubts, they were part of the scheme that she was knocked unconscious and drugged yesterday.

Although she escaped, she believed that Jessica must have sent someone to guard the club and knew she had sex with a man. Otherwise, she wouldn't dare to tell her off.

Olivia secretly clenched her fists to the point that her nails dug deep into her palms. The grudge was borne.

"Since this is a misunderstanding, honey, we should let it pass. Now I think it's time to tell Ollie about that matter." Now that her plot failed, Carol harbored another.

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