CEO Husband, Behave Yourself

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Contemporary Romance>CEO Husband, Behave Yourself>Chapter 1 What is this place?

Chapter 1 What is this place?

A "bang" sound.

The door of the villa was kicked open, and the maid, who was cleaning, got anxious, and looked nervously at the person coming in.

The man was already soaked, holding a comatose woman in his arms. Ignoring the eyes of others, he walked towards the bathroom step by step. As he moved gracefully, full drops of water dripped from the wet hair on his forehead to the woman's face, and then slowly hit the expensive floor along the corner of the woman's eyes.

"Williams ... Young Master Herbert Williams..." The maid stiffened.

Anyone who knew Herbert knew his taboos: women ... no, as long as they were heterosexual creatures, it was impossible to get close to him within one meter, not to mention holding a woman who was a wet and unconscious woman ...

There were so many women who didn't know their terrible consequences of getting close to Herbert, and she didn't dare to recall their endings.

It's just ... who was this woman now?

"Young Master Williams, let me do it."

Let her stand by and watch the young master wait for a woman to take a bath. This picture was so amazing that she dare not look at it! "Go out."Herbert's voice was cold, and it sounded terrifying.

After hearing the sound of opening and closing the door, Herbert's stern eyesight turned slightly soft.

Looking down at the woman in his arms, he became more tender and affectionate.

He took off the woman's pajamas and underwear which had already been soaked and then carefully placed her in a bath full of hot water, washing away the coldness of her body in person.

The woman's skin was fair, and there was a conspicuous scar across her waist. Herbert gazed at her from her waist to the pale corner of her mouth with his beautiful eyebrows wrinkled and wistful eyesight.

After a moment, he leaned down and gently kissed her pale and bloodless lips, gently sucking.

When the woman woke up, it was already noon the next day. Staring at the strange ceiling and sitting up in horror, she instantly felt a severe headache.

Shaking her head and looking at the strange clothes on her body, she jumped off the bed in surprise. However, her feet were so painful that she almost stumbled to fall down.

The softness of the silk swayed along with her movements. Across her skin, it refreshed her, showing the preciousness of the fabric which she never dared to think about in her life.

The wooden door was pushed open from the outside. Herbert looked expressionless as he watched the little woman standing by the bed.

"You are awake."Herbert walked up to her with the soup he had prepared earlier, and naturally embraced her small waist, which seemed to be natural.

"Why don't you wear shoes?" The man scowled with frustration as he stared at her bare feet.

"Ah? I ... you ..." Jenny didn't know what to do, looking at the face that was so perfect that God would be jealous, and the expression that cared about her, not knowing if she was dreaming.

Mechanically being hugged by him and sitting on his lap, she was ready to reach out and take the medicine bowl he handed over, but unexpectedly, her hands were pressed by him.

"Attagirl, I feed you."

The bowl had reached her mouth so that she could not refuse that. Jenny opened her mouth and drank a large bowl of bitter soup.

The bitter taste stimulated the buds of her tongue, and her small face twisted together.

Looking at her cute appearance, Herbert can't help kissing her small mouth.

"Um!" The bitter taste and the coldness of the corner of the lips made Jenny dumbfounded. This was not a dream!

This man took advantage of her! Who was he? What was this place? Shouting away from the man in horror, she jumped out of him, stepped back, and looked guarded.

This action made the man dissatisfied. He squinted forward, trying to hold the disobedient little woman in his arms and telling her that she could be on guard against anyone, except him.

Even if the whole world went ill with her, he would stay behind her and fight against the world.

"You, who are you? Where am I?"

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