Mr. President's Exclusive Wife

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Contemporary Romance>Mr. President's Exclusive Wife>Chapter 1 Pledge of Marriage

Chapter 1 Pledge of Marriage

On Seacity Avenue, a black Maybach was shuttling in the night, and the heavy darkness outlined its deep silhouette.

"Mr. Moore, a call from the big mansion. You are invited there for dinner tomorrow evening." Zedd Brone's voice came from the back row.

Without looking up, Jason Moore spoke in a deep voice, "Decline with the excuse of the busy schedule."

Zedd hesitated, "It's just a blind date, and you've been declining. People in the big mansion will not give up. How about you meet her and reject once you don't take a fancy to her?"

"Is my rejection not clear enough?" Jason cast his eyes up and sounded impatient.

Zedd was left speechless.

Indeed, the CEO had rejected three times, which showed his determination, but his dear mother was persistent!

Children often failed to appreciate their parents' kindness!

Detecting the irritation in Jason's eyes, Zedd didn't dare to advise another word, "Mr. Moore, you need to go to the hospital for a reexamination tomorrow. I'll pick you up by then."

"Okay." Jason said blandly, put away his tablet, and closed his eyes for a rest.

For a new project of the company, he had been working more than 16 hours a day for half a month straight. Now he only wanted to sleep.

After the car drove into the parking lot of the Cullinan Moore Mansion, Jason got off and instructed, "Come back after 9 a.m. tomorrow."

"Got it."

Jason adjusted his clothes and stepped forward to the entrance when Zedd caught up, "Mr. Moore..."


"According to old Mr. Moore... he prepared a surprise for you in the mansion..."

Jason said nonchalantly, "I see."

He didn't need to think to know the so-called surprise from the old man should be selected videos and photos of his blind date.

Such kind of surprise had been going on for almost half a year, and the files about almost all debutantes in the City Sea Capital had been filling every corner of the living room.


Jason called out to stop the fleeing man and asked, "How can I get rid of the surprises and dinner parties for good?"

"Get married, of course." Zedd blurted out.

"Do I need you to tell me that?"

Zedd replied, "Except that, there are no other methods?"

At a glance at the brightly lit mansion in the cover of night, Jason felt exhausted before waving Zedd away.

He was tired of the enthusiasm of his grandfather and mother but could do nothing about it.

Zedd was correct probably. Only through marriage could he end those silly surprises and dinner parties.

He took a glance at the living room behind the floor-to-ceiling windows and noticed a vague silhouette of a woman.

Her back was straight, her ponytail was pretty, and her blue coat gilded with a gentle hue by the lights. Following an inexplicable spur, he then knitted his eyebrows.

What trick the old man was playing this time?

Before this, he just got videos. Could it be that a person was sent here today?


Alison Clark had been waiting in the living room for three hours.

From 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., Jason never showed up.

During the long wait, she itched to leave many times but didn't have the heart to do it at the thought of the old man's tearful look.

"Jason has got cancer and can only live another six months at best. The kid is so stubborn that he lied to me, claiming it is just appendicitis... Alison, you are a good girl. I'm begging you to stay with him in the name of his wife for six months... If you could, I wish you can carry his seed..."

Jason once saved her while the old man provided financial support for her college study. Both of them were her benefactors.

Alison couldn't bear to refuse.

Besides, she had seen Jason's casebook. Indeed, his disease was incurable.

All of a sudden, Alison heard the sound of door opening and then the greeting from the servant, "Sir, welcome back."


There was a tinge of impatience and coldness in his attractive, deep voice.

Jason got up and anxiously looked in the direction of the door to the living room...

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