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Contemporary Romance>Hot Sweet Wife to Young Master>Chapter 1 Reborn

Chapter 1 Reborn

Before the age of eighteen, Su Mo's image has always been the daughter of the upstart. She hated it from the bones and always dreamed of reborn.

After eighteen years old, she became the daughter of a ruined household, only to fully understand that the daughter of the upstart is actually very good, at least the poor has only money left.

And now, she is so rich that she is left alone, but she is truly reborn!

Su Mo went very carefully step by step. Just after it rained, the water stains on the ground and the leaves of rotten vegetables were trampled and stuck to the ground. It looked disgusting.

She always likes to attribute this reason to not wanting to go home.

Passing through this vegetable market is an old building that has been around for some years.

From a distance, men's shorts and vests on the balcony, women's flower skirts, fluttering in the wind, like the flag of the million.

It's vulgar, but she lives here now.

This is the old area of S City, far from the bustling circle of the whole city. It is crowded, dirty and noisy.

The people living here are also diverse. University graduates who have just graduated and have no jobs are mixed with grassroots at the lowest level of the society, traffickers are dead, and businesses like theirs are bankrupt.

This is her grandfather's home. Before her grandfather died, Su Mo left the house to her. Su Mo never thought that one day she would become a place for their family.

Walking on this dark and narrow path, Su Mo's heart was inexplicably depressed.

"Ah, Momo is back." Grandpa Chen, a grandfather's chess friend, moved here from her house to take care of them.

Su Mo answered politely: "Hello Grandpa Chen."

"Momo, the longer and the more beautiful."

She was wearing a white dress that day, and it was really fresh compared to this dark environment.

This road, to the end, turned a corner, and came home.

Su Mo took out the key and wanted to open the door, but found that the door couldn't be opened. A closer look revealed that the door lock had not been replaced at any time.

Su Mo looked down at the key in her hand, smiled ironically, and patted the door for a long time.

"Dad, are you home?"

After a while, there was noise coming from the inside. Just listening to the bang, the door opened, and Father Su sat in a wheelchair and smiled at her: "Mo Mo is back?"

Su Mo stared at Dad for a while. He seemed to be thinner than three months ago. Su Mo made a happy face: "Well, I have to work part-time in summer vacation, and I will go to an internship. Come back and see Dad, is n't your aunt home? "

"Your aunt went shopping!" Dad Su smiled amusedly.

Shopping? Playing cards is almost the same, she whispered and pretended not to know.

He walked towards his room with a bag, opened the door, and froze.

The book she put in the bookcase was left in a mess, and her old little bed was gone, and a new bed was replaced, apparently not for her.

She looked back at her father and wanted to ask him what was going on.

Su Zhengheng looked at her daughter's expression with a stunned expression, her lips opened, and when she really wanted to speak, she heard the sound coming from behind ...

"Oh, it's our young lady back!" It was Miao Fenglan who spoke.

Su Mo's stepmother, when she was thirteen years old, Miao Fenglan held her stomach in the door.

With a belly in her belly and a hand in her hand, the little girl was the same year as Su Mo, but three months younger than her. Dad asked her to call her sister.

The burgundy hair, the dark lipstick, the black skirt, and the pearl necklace hanging on the neck, looked like a noble lady.

At that time, Dad's investment business went bankrupt, and stroke was hospitalized. She did not leave, and Su Mo was very grateful.

Although she never called her mother, she respected her.

Just don't want to, Su Mo's respect, Su Zhengheng's concession, in exchange for her gain.

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