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Warlord rebirth

Divine Martial Continent, Wang Zhou City.

Xing Tian suddenly woke up and found himself lying on a sandalwood bed. Beside the bed, there was a twelve to thirteen year old girl holding her hands, crying as she spoke, "Big Brother, wake up, please. Don't die, Ling'er can't do without Big Brother Tian Chen."

Xing Tian, one of the top ten Conferred Wargods of the Divine Martial Continent. A hundred years ago, he was encircled and killed by the four Conferred Wargods, and he fled with a trace of his primordial spirit for a hundred years.

His father, Chu Zhan, had collapsed and disappeared without a trace, and from then on, his and his sister's status in the clan had dropped by leaps and bounds. Especially five years ago, Chu Tianchen had been found to be born with blocked meridians, unable to cultivate, and even had been named as a trash by others. Originally, he had wanted to die, but he couldn't stop worrying about his sister, so he could only swallow his anger and live on.

But today, Chu Tianchen picked a Spirit Saint Grass from the back of the mountain. It was a level 2 medicinal herb, and was extremely beneficial to a martial cultivator's recovery. Originally, he was going to bring it back to his family to give to his little sister, but he was met by a few rich kids in the family and forced to hand it over.

After that, Xing Tian borrowed his body to be reborn, but after fusing with Chu Tianchen, he had Chu Tianchen's memories.

Alright, from today onwards, my name is Chu Tianchen. Demon Monarch, for no reason, the four of you have been conferred the title of Ten Great War Gods, and you actually dared to sneak an attack on me. A trace of a Light Light flashed across Chu Tianchen's eyes. He could still clearly remember what happened a hundred years ago.

Immediately after, Chu Tianchen's gaze became gentle once again.

"Haha, don't worry little girl. How could I possibly die?" Chu Tianchen sat up and said with a smile.

Looking at the Chu Tianchen who had woken up, Chu Ling'er could not believe her eyes. She immediately hugged Chu Tianchen, "Big brother, I thought you were going to die, you scared me to death."


"These grandsons are really ruthless, damn it, it hurts." Wasn't it just his tendons and veins being blocked? This is nothing to me. Just watch. After seven days, I will destroy you idiots. " Chu Tianchen secretly thought in his heart.

"Silly girl, don't worry. I'm going to watch you get married. How can you die so easily?" Chu Tianchen gently caressed Ling'er's head and said gently.

His previous self was very fond of Ling'er, and as he had the memories of his previous life, he naturally treated her as his younger sister.

"Hmph, Ling'er doesn't want to get married, I want to stay by big brother's side." Ling'er said angrily as she wiped away her tears.

"Oh yeah girl, about that, cough cough, do you have a lot of pure gold on you? "Let me borrow some for now." Chu Tianchen felt a little awkward. It was indeed awkward that the War God of the first generation had fallen to the point of wanting to lend a little girl money.

However, there was no way around it. He was just a good-for-nothing in the family. In the eyes of others, he was less than a servant, much less someone who could obtain pure gold from the family.

Now that his meridians were blocked, if he wanted to open them, he would have to buy a few herbs. How could he do that without money?

Scarlet Gold, Purplish Gold s were the common currency in the Martial God Continent. A tael of Purplish Gold s was worth a hundred taels of gold, and a second grade medicinal herb would cost ten taels of gold. There were also third and even fourth grade medicinal herbs that he refined, so the price would be quite expensive.

Grade three medicine, 100 taels of pure gold. Grade four medicine, 500 taels of pure gold.

A hundred taels of pure gold was enough for an ordinary person to live for a year.

Although she didn't know what her brother was going to do, Chu Ling'er still took out her own savings. Three taels of Purplish Gold, this was something she had saved up to exchange for medicinal ingredients and to cultivate her own Spirit Liquid.

"This is far from enough." Chu Tianchen muttered.

Her voice was soft, but Chu Ling'er could still hear her. A few taels of Purplish Gold, Chu Tianchen actually said that it was far from enough, what was his big brother trying to do? She suddenly realised that something was wrong with Chu Tianchen today. Whether it was his voice or eyes, Chu Tianchen was no longer dejected or lonely like he was before. It was as if he had become confident.

A cheerful big brother would at least be better than big brother who lived in low self-esteem the whole time. Therefore, she didn't think too much, as long as big brother was happy, forget about two taels of Purplish Gold, she wouldn't even hesitate to take his life.

"Big brother, how much do you need? I'll lend it to you."


Chu Tianchen looked at Ling'er's serious expression and burst out laughing, but her heart was warm. As a War God in her previous life, he had never experienced such warmth.

"Big Bro is joking. This is enough. Go cultivate. Big Bro needs to go out for a while."

"Do you want me to accompany you? Chu Tianhu and the others are too despicable. If they dare to do this to you again, I will definitely not let them off. "

"Little girl, from today onwards, I won't let anyone bully me again." The Cold Glare appeared in Chu Tianchen's eyes at once …

After Ling'er left, Chu Tianchen stood up and left the clan. He urgently needed strength, not only did he not allow others to bully him, he had to protect Ling'er. Now that Ling'er was twelve years old, did the clan's old elders really put importance on her talent after so many years of painstaking efforts to nurture her? Chu Tianchen did not think so. The little girl Ling'er was a natural born beauty, and her talent was also good, she was the "sacrifice" her clan used to please others.

In fact, it was just as Chu Tianchen had guessed. When Ling'er became an adult in three months, it would be the time her clan made use of her to form a marriage. She would be gifted by the clan to some rich young masters of great powers to curry favor with them …

The Pill Workshop was also known as the Alchemist Guild, which was a relatively special profession. Alchemists were divided into Ninth Grade, and each stage was equal to the sky. In Chu Tianchen's previous life, he wasn't just a War God, he also had a terrifying identity, which was the alchemist of the Ninth Grade.

The prerequisite to becoming an Alchemist was to be a Spiritual Flame. Spiritual Flame, also known as Fire Elementals, was to judge talent based on the color of the Spiritual Flame within each individual's body.

Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple! Red talent was the lowest, with the highest being second tier alchemist. Purple, the highest being talented. Chu Tianchen was a purple Spiritual Flame before, and later on he became one of the most talented alchemists of that era.

The current Chu Tianchen stood in front of the Pill Workshop door, smelling the familiar smell of pill.

"Who is concocting the Rank 2 pill Foundation Elixir? F * ck, how the hell did you control it? It's too big of a fire, too much Purple Heart Grass, and too little Foundation Elixir. Sigh, it failed." Chu Tianchen said.

"Hmph, you speak as if you really know how to concoct pills. Smelly beggar, get the hell out of my way, I'm going in." A cold snort came from behind Chu Tianchen.

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