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Change one's fate by defying nature's will

"I'm actually still alive!"

Inside the bedroom, Cheng Feng suddenly sat up with an expression like he had seen a ghost.

He remembered clearly that he detonated a Thunderous Fury and died together with Tiemu Dengke.

He had been blown to pieces and not a single strand of hair was left.

But now, he was lying on the bed full of energy.

"Was it an illusion?"

"It must be like this, I must have killed that bastard Tiemu Dengke!"

Cheng Feng pinched his own body firmly, thinking that he wouldn't feel anything.

Unexpectedly, a sharp pain rushed into his mind, causing him to instantly wake up.

He knew very well that he really wasn't going to die this time!

"Why isn't he dead?"

Cheng Feng clenched his fists tightly. "If I didn't die, then wouldn't that bastard Tiemu Dengke still be at large!"

"Heavens, are you playing with me!?"

Cheng Feng was the young master of the Cheng family with Earth Sky Continent, Ascension God Dynasty, and Heavenly Star City.

His cultivation talent wasn't bad, but he was too lazy to work hard.

Because he had a grandfather who doted on him, a benevolent father, and even an elder sister from the A Peerless Genius.

Cheng Feng's initial thought was to live a carefree life under the protection of his family.

But, all of these were shattered by Tiemu Dengke.

Tiemu Dengke was the number one clan in Ascension God Dynasty, the number one genius.

This person practiced martial arts at the age of eight, reached the peak of the Mortal Realm at the age of twelve, advanced into the Earth Realm at the age of fifteen, and reached the peak of the Earth Realm at the age of eighteen.

At the age of twenty, not only had he advanced into the Heavenly Martial Stage, he had also awakened an eighth level Martial Soul, and after being accepted into the clan by the Holy Land of Martial Arts, he could be said to be a demon!

However, the reason why Tiemu Dengke had such achievements was because of Cheng Feng's elder sister, Cheng Qingxue.

Cheng Qingxue was a born Nine Orifices. If Martial Cultivator cultivated within a hundred meters, she could achieve twice the results with half the effort. If she cultivated within ten meters, she could travel a thousand miles in a day.

If he were to become husband and wife with her, not only would he have divine assistance in his cultivation, his cultivation would also soar when the Martial Soul awakened.

After Tiemu Dengke found out about this, he used this as an excuse to get close to Cheng Qingxue and swindle her heart.

With a cultivation of five hundred kilometers in one day, he became a famous genius with a great reputation across the entire Ascension God Dynasty.

In the end, this person was full of wild ambition.

After his great success, he actually had evil thoughts.

Not only did he abandon Cheng Qingxue like she was a pair of old shoes, he even secretly ordered the elders of Tiemu Family to cruelly purge the Cheng family.

Cheng Feng was lucky enough to escape this calamity, but he helplessly watched his family members fall one by one into a pool of blood.

After the huge change, Cheng Feng tried to think of ways to expose Tiemu Dengke's fake mask and seek revenge.

But because of his profound strength, other than being ruthlessly humiliated, he had no power to resist.

In his despair, Cheng Feng acquired a killing weapon that came from the Hidden Dragon Academy Arterial River, 'Thunderous Fury', and died together with Tiemu Dengke.

However, after the Thunderous Fury exploded, he inexplicably lied on the bed in the bedroom.

"Cheng, do you really want to die?"

Just as Cheng Feng was filled with unwillingness, a voice suddenly sounded beside his ear.

"Who?" Cheng Feng was shocked.

"My name is Nalan Changsheng, and I am a lone soul who had survived from the Paleogene."

"Nalan Changsheng? Lonely ghost? "

Cheng Feng turned his head to look around, but didn't see a single person.

"Brat, stop looking for me. I'm in your mind."

Nalan Changsheng said: "When your cultivation reaches the Fragmentation Stage, the God Soul will become stronger, and you will be able to see my existence."

"What?" You're in my mind? "

Cheng Feng felt his scalp go numb, and shouted: "How did you get into my head? What are you trying to do? "

"Hmph, I was originally sleeping towards the Thousand Flowers Restaurant in Yang City."

Nalan Changsheng said: "In the end, you brat, you actually took a lightning pill and detonated it, waking me up from my deep sleep."

"I saw that you were pitiful, so I used only a small amount of my power to push the gears of time and brought you back to a year ago."

"I'll give you a chance to start over and make up for your regrets."

"It's fine if you're not grateful, but you still dare to yell at me?"

"What?" You pushed the gears of time, bringing me to a year ago? "

Hearing that, Cheng Feng's mind buzzed, he thought that he was dreaming, "Impossible, this is impossible!"

"Time can only move forward and not retreat. You are lying to me."


Nalan Changsheng berated: "Time is only a part of The Laws of Heaven And Earth, as long as Martial Arts Cultivation is strong enough."

"To reverse the flow of time, to change the path of the mountains and rivers, to catch the stars and seize the moon, to cover the sky with the flick of a finger …" "It's easy!"

Hearing Nalan Changsheng's words, Cheng Feng was unable to calm down for a long time.

However, in his heart, he still found it hard to believe and accept.

Right at this moment, squeak!

The bedroom door was pushed open.

A youth dressed in green walked in. Seeing Cheng Feng sitting on the bed, his face was immediately filled with smiles.

"Young Master, you're awake?"

"This is great! The Patriarch said that you will need to rest for at least four or five days before you can wake up!"

Seeing the teenager in green, Cheng Feng's heart was in turmoil.

"Little An?" You're still alive? "

The young man in green was called Cheng An, and was Cheng Feng's servant.

However, Cheng An had long been killed by Tiemu Dengke's palm and he died a miserable death. Cheng Feng clearly remembered this.

However, at this moment, Cheng An was standing right in front of him.

This was enough to prove that the mysterious Nalan Changsheng was not lying.

He was afraid that Nalan Changsheng had really used a heaven-defying method to bring him to a place a year ago.

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