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Heaven defying sword canon

Ten thousand years ago, a generation Heaven's Pride Lin Hao appeared in the sky with unparalleled sword force.

However, just as he was about to ascend the divine way to the Divine Realm, he was betrayed by his beloved person, Ling Feiyu, and the secret was passed down to the Divine Realm. Seven Divine Kings took action at the same time, breaking the divine way.

— —

Genuine Martial Realm, Eastern Region's border, Greencloud City Lin Family. A sixteen to seventeen year old youth was sleeping in a wood house.

The youth's face was pale and there were dried blood clots on his clothes. Even when he was unconscious, his face still showed pain.

After a long time, the youth's expression gradually returned to a tranquil state, and his closed eyes trembled as he slowly opened them.

When he opened his eyes, two extremely sharp rays of light flashed.

The current him.

It was the Sword God Lin Hao who had descended into the divine way ten thousand years ago. When the Primordial God's way collapsed, a strand of Soul escaped and wandered in the void and chaos for ten thousand years.

Thinking of the past.

Lin Hao clenched his fists tightly, and then exhaled, and spoke to himself: "Ling Feiyu, before long, I, Lin Hao, will use the sword in my hands, and make you pay for all that you have done!"

Just then, a sharp pain suddenly came from Lin Hao's abdomen. He removed his clothes, and saw a hole in his abdomen, and due to being agitated just now, the wound opened up, causing blood to gush out.

At this time, a series of memories regarding this body started to flash past Lin Hao's mind.

This body was also known as Lin Hao, and he was the only son of the Patriarch of the Lin Family, the number one family in Greencloud City.

He was known as a genius who only appeared once every hundred years in his Greencloud City. After cultivating for six years, he had already stepped past the limits of body tempering and opened his meridians, reaching the third level of Qi Sea Stage.

The cultivation realm was for Body Tempering, Body Opening, Qi Sea, Origin Core, Elemental King, Elemental Emperor, Elemental Sovereign, Primary Sage, Primary Sage, and the ninth level of the Origin Emperor Realm.

In the entire Greencloud City, the ones with the highest cultivation were only the experts at the peak of the Qi Sea Stage, and had cultivated for dozens of years. From this, it could be seen that Lin Hao's talent was considered at the top!

Six years ago, Lin Hao's father, Lin Zhentian, had arranged a marriage for Lin Hao. The other party was Xiao Family's eldest daughter, Xiao Qi, whose Greencloud City was just below the Lin Family's.

Three months ago, Lin Hao's parents had gone missing and the Lin Family's strength had plummeted. However, the attitude of the Xiao Family towards Lin Hao had not changed one bit and they still adhered to the marriage contract. When Lin Hao turned eighteen, they would complete the marriage contract.

Xiao Qi himself was extremely concerned about Lin Hao.

But who would have thought?

All of this was just a conspiracy of the Xiao Family.

In reality, the reason why he had such wild ambition in the Xiao Family and his attitude towards Lin Hao was purely for the sake of obtaining the Lin Family's sword art, the Lone Peak Thirteen Swords.

Three days ago, Lin Hao was moved by his young nature and passed down the Lone Peak of Thirteen Swords to Xiao Qi. After obtaining the sword technique, he immediately changed his expression and announced the entire Greencloud City.

How could Lin Hao endure such injustice and humiliation? He angrily rushed into the Xiao Family to find Xiao Qi, but who knew that in these few years, Xiao Qi had always been concealing his true realm from him, his strength had already reached the second level of the Qi Sea Stage, and he had also understood the secrets behind the Lin Family's Lone Peak Thirteen Swords.

After that, Lin Nantian, the Great Elder of the Lin Family who came from a side branch family, used the reason of Lin Hao losing all of the Lin Family's face as an excuse.

Lin Hao, who was severely injured, endured for three days before he could not even catch a breath, and his life force dissipated.

This was the chance for the Sword God to be reborn.

At this time, the Sword God, Lin Hao, who obtained this body, could not help but feel anger towards this experience. Taking a few deep breaths to calm his mind, the most important thing right now was to treat the injuries on his Dantian, only then would he be able to return the humiliation!

With his Dantian pierced through by a sword, it was impossible for others to cultivate again in their lifetime. They could only become trash weaker than ordinary people.

However, to Lin Hao, who had the experience of a Sword God, this kind of injury was nothing.

Because …

The technique he had mastered was called the Heaven Defying Sword Canon!

This was his greatest secret. In his previous life, when he came to the divine way, it was precisely because this secret had been leaked by Ling Feiyu that caused the Seven Divine Kings to be wary.

As for why Seven Divine Kings was so afraid of this matter, for the time being, he did not know.

Lin Hao adjusted his breathing, and then, his vital energy and blood circulated quickly in his body. A few Sword Qi s that were attached to the wounds on his dantian were extracted and refined into a strand of pure Sword Qi that belonged to Lin Hao.

Following that, Lin Hao controlled the strand of Sword Qi, and it suddenly pierced towards his already dilapidated Dantian!

This, was the Heaven Defying Sword Canon.

After it was destroyed, it would be erected!

His dantian had completely shattered, this pain was unbearable for ordinary people, but Lin Hao did not even have to snort and grind his teeth, his mind was focused, controlling the Sword Qi and evolving it back into his dantian!

Once he succeeded, then the Elemental Energy he absorbed and refined would turn out to be the Sword Element with the strongest offensive power in the world!

During this process, even if Lin Hao had the past of the Sword God, he could not help but be cautious.

A full six hours passed.

That wisp of Sword Qi had finally turned into the shape of an illusionary dantian and appeared in his body. However, it was still very weak and needed to be continuously refined!

The current him, had slightly recovered some of his strength. The number of Sword Element in his body, was equivalent to around the first stage of Open Pulse State.

Once it was completely solidified.

Then, Lin Hao could recover his third level of Qi Sea Stage!

At this time.

There was a commotion coming from outside the woodshed.


Suddenly, the closed door of the woodshed was struck open by a powerful force, and two Lin Family servants wearing clothes appeared in front of Lin Hao.

They looked at each other, and the surprise in their eyes changed to joy, one of them said: "Tsk tsk, I never thought that your life was so tough, it seems that you have some good stuff hidden inside. Lin Hao, if you hand over the thing, we two brothers will let you suffer less, if not, don't blame us for being impolite!"

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