One Marriage Two Treasures

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Contemporary Romance>One Marriage Two Treasures>Chapter 1 Be a Turtle

Chapter 1 Be a Turtle

Emma Wood blushed and sat on the soft carpet beside the bed. She put on the glasses and peeped at the man on the big bed of the hotel through the lenses. The man had a handsome face and a strong body. All over his body exuded the aura of the prince charming that made her heart skip a beat.

The man's eye sockets were deep, the bridge of the nose was high, thin lips slightly pursing, and sharp short hair pasted on the temples. It must be very imposing when he was awake. A cold look alone could make people instantly submissive.

Although he was asleep at this moment, the coldness on the handsome face was still there, making people afraid to approach him.

"Hmm..." the man seemed to respond. His eyebrows wrinkled lightly, and his thin lips slightly opened with the disordered breathing. His face flushed, and he slept very unsteadily.

Emma immediately snapped back from her thoughts and went forward to check.

The man slightly opened his eyes which had a trace of dense water vapor. His eyes were red and his forbidding appearance was fading away. He looked a bit dangerous.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at Emma who was staring at him nervously by the bed. He asked out in a puzzled voice, "You are..."

Emma tried her best to soften her tone and said, "President Miller, I... I am Emma Wood, you were drunk at the reception..."

"Emma Wood? Are you Emma?" the man looked at her, and his eyes slightly shook.

Emma blinked, and she blushed even more under his gaze, "Yes...yes, I am Emma, you..."

The man's eyes grew dark slightly, and he lifted his upper body to reach out quickly and to squeeze her soft jaw. He got close to her and pressed his lips to hers.


Emma was so frightened that she lost her balance and fell into his arms. They both flung themselves towards the big bed.

Under the emergency, her glasses were touched off. Her vision suddenly blurred. However, she had no time to pick up the glasses. She pressed her hands against his chest instantly and tried to get up.

Realizing her intention, the man circled her with his large hands. He held her firmly and flipped her violently, pinning her under him.

Emma's lips were gagged. She was dazed by the kiss, and her body could not move.

"Emma...Emma, you are so beautiful..." the man murmured.

Emma's small face was miserable, "It hurts..."

She gripped the snow-white sheets with both hands and sobbed in broken low sobs.

Inside the deluxe presidential suite, the enthusiasm lasted most of the night...

Emma woke up around five in the morning. In the big bed of the hotel, she stared at the ceiling in the dull morning light and was dumbfounded.

She was naked and sore all over. Her throat slightly swollen, and a naked man lay beside her.

She had a one-night stand with this man.

And it happened of her own free will. So she could not blame others.

Maybe she would be complained, even be disgusted!

She was sleeping with a big president!

Yes, that was it!

This president was not someone else but the CEO of Kingwood Group which included the hotel that she worked in - Kevin Miller.

He was the president of the group. He was handsome and rich. Women were attracted to him, so a one-night stand like this might be common for him. But she was just an ordinary hotel housekeeping manager. She knew it very well that when he woke up, he would probably think that she was deliberately trying to climb into his bed...

So, in case to be embarrassed, be misunderstood, be rejected, and be...She decided that before he woke up, she should run away like a turtle...

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