The Carefree Liar

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Xuanhuan>The Carefree Liar>Chapter 001: Propose

Chapter 001: Propose

The warm wind blows over the green cornfields, along the green rice fields, and blows into Sanhe Village!

In the fenced courtyard, a young man rolled out of the window lightly.

"Erbo, your phone."

At this moment, a girl with disheveled hair whispered, holding a mobile phone in her hand.

"My dear, I will come back tomorrow night."

Chen Erbao took the mobile phone and kissed the girl's little hand in a beautiful way.

A month ago, Chen Erbao made a confession to the village flower Xiaochun of Sanhe Village. Last night, Chen Erbao touched Xiaochun's room and spent the night with Xiaochun.

To avoid being discovered by Xiaochun's parents, Chen Erbao turned over the window and ran away.

"I wait for you."

Xiaochun held a small hand kissed by Chen Erbao, her face was shy.

The little couple flirted silently for a while. When Chen Erbao was about to leave, he only heard 'squeak' and the door was pushed open ...

The old man played mahjong for a night before returning home.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, he saw the sneaky Chen Erbao.

"Erbo, what are you doing?"

Wang Laohan was Xiaochun's father and the village head of Sanhe Village. At first glance, he thought Chen Erbao was stealing things. He looked up and saw Xiaochun lying with a messy hair by the window. Wang Laohan immediately understood.

Chen Erbao went with his girl! !! !!

"You dude, I killed you."

Wang Laohan stomped his shoulder and walked towards Chen Erbao.

"Oh, what are you doing, Uncle Wang?"

Chen Erbao said while hiding, "I am your future son-in-law, who broke me. Xiaochun's happiness is gone."

"Who is your future son-in-law? We won't marry you, Xiaochun." Wang Laohan said, "We will marry a big city man in the future, Xiaochun."

"Can people in big cities have me for Xiaochun?"

Chen Erbao said with great sorrow: "Not to mention, Xiaochun is already my person."

"I beat you to death."

When Wang Laohan heard that Xiaochun was his, he was even more angry, and the shoulders in his hands kept heading towards Chen Erbao.

"Don't fight, Dad, don't fight."

Xiaochun saw the two fighting and hurried out of the room and stopped in front of Chen Erbao.

"Give me a break, you dead girl, I'll break his leg first, and then I'll clean you up."

Wang Lao's face flushed, and his wife left early. He brought his daughter up alone, hoping that his daughter would be prosperous. Unlike him, he was a cropper all his life. Let's go together.

Chen Erbao was an abandoned baby who grew up from snacks and hundreds of meals without even a parent.

"Okay, Uncle Wang, don't fight."

After Chen Erbao pulled Xiaochun upside down, he looked at Wang Laohan with his chest up and said, "Uncle Wang, let's say, what are you going to do to marry Xiaochun?"

"Marry you? Let's dream."

Wang Laohan struck Chen Erbao with his shoulders, but Chen Erbao didn't even hide. Wang Laohan smashed a bit and didn't dare to hit the second one.

Chen Erbao grew up watching him since he was a child. The kid was embarrassed and confessed his death. He had to let him know if he could die, otherwise he would not give up even if he was killed.

After thinking about it, Wang Laohan said, "There is a house and a car in the county, and you have to deposit half a million."

A set of houses in the county are all down, at least 500,000. With the addition of car deposits, no one can afford more than one million.

This is what Wang Laohan set for his son-in-law.

But in order for Chen Erbao to retreat, Wang Laohan added another condition: "My son-in-law will lead Sanhe Village out of poverty and become rich. Can you do this? If you ca n't do it, give up quickly . "

"it is good!"

Chen Erbao nodded and said, "Give me three years, I will lead Sanhe Village out of poverty, move towards becoming rich, and bring a house and a car to marry Xiaochun."

Wang Laohan's conditions were so harsh in order to scare away Chen Erbao.

Unexpectedly, Chen Erbao even agreed directly, and Wang Laohan muttered in a low voice: "Crazy." Then he looked at Chen Erbao and said, "You don't even have a job now, so find a job quickly."

"Leave, Xiaochun, come into the house with me."

The old man took Xiaochun's hand and entered the room.

Xiaochun's eyes were red, and she looked back at Chen Erbao shouting "Three treasures, I'm waiting for you, you must come to marry me."

"I will return."

Chen Erbao and Xiaochun said individually and left.

He walked aimlessly in the village by himself, with a mess in his head.

Before Chen Erbao never thought about making money, now he has to think about how to make money.

But where can I make money? What other way to make money in the countryside besides planting crops?

As soon as there was no clue, Chen Erbao was distraught and went towards the mountain.

When Chen Erbao lowered his head and stepped on the grass, he heard the sound of water splashing in his ears. When Chen Erbao looked up, he saw a woman taking a bath in the river.

"It's so beautiful!" Chen Erbao sighed.

This woman is much more beautiful than Xiaochun, like a fairy, with light on her body.

At this moment, the fairy turned her head and saw Chen Erbao.

Seeing this, Chen Erbao hurriedly turned his head away, avoiding suspicion, "I passed by here and didn't want to peek at you to take a bath. You wash yours, and I'll go."

"Grace don't go."

The fairy looked at Chen Erbao and called.

"You call me Gong Gong?" Chen Erbao asked wonderingly at the fairy, "I have become your Gong Gong?"

"A thousand years ago, I was a white snake. You saved my life in the hands of a snake striker, and now I have become an immortal.

I actually saved a little white snake? Did I become Xu Xian?

Chen Erbao smiled, squatted by the river, lit a cigarette and smiled at the fairy.

"You said that you want to repay, how do you repay it? Do you agree with one another?"

As soon as the fairy turned, she came to the shore in a blink of an eye. She was already covered with a white veil. She sat beside Chen Erbao and said, "You and I have different paths and cannot be combined. Chengxian came to me. "

"I'm not married yet, when can I become a fairy?"

When thinking of Xiaochun's family, Chen Erbao felt depressed.

"I help Gong."

The fairy held Chen Erbao's neck, kissed Chen Erbao's little mouth, and spit out a fairy breath to Chen Erbao.

"What did you vomit to me?"

Chen Erbao looked at the fairy and asked.

"This is Xianqi, the treasure of Xianjia. This mouthful of Xianqi can protect Egong, and also allow Egong to have the power of Xianjia."

"Xianjia's ability is so powerful."

Chen Erbao licked his lips and said to the fairy, "I just kissed a little bit. Let me kiss you."


The fairy gently pushed away Chen Erbao and said, "This is the gift of the fairy family. You are just a fetal body. If you kiss too much, your yang will be drained."

When Chen Erbao heard that Yang Qi was going to be drained, he was a little scared, and quickly said, "That's it."

At this moment, a thunderous thunder sounded in the cloudless sky.

The fairy glanced at the sky and said to Chen Erbao hurriedly, "I'm leaving, Gong, I'll wait for you to come to me. Be sure to come to me."

"I will definitely go to you, rest assured."

Chen Erbao waved to the fairy, and the fairy flew farther and farther, until she disappeared in front of Chen Erbao.


Chen Erbao sat up suddenly and smiled at the empty field. He had a dream just now, and he also dreamed of a fairy, which was an interesting dream.

Chen Erbao patted the dust on his buttocks and licked his lips when he was about to leave.

"So sweet!"

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