The Enchanting Night with Mr. CEO

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Contemporary Romance>The Enchanting Night with Mr. CEO>Chapter 1 Slept me

Chapter 1 Slept me

The early morning sunlight was warmly poured in through the atmospheric noble floor-to-ceiling windows.

In the Presidential Suite's Italian rose bed, Bai Xiaoai's consciousness slowly came to her senses, and her soreness flowed into the brain like a sea of mountains.

She opened her eyes slowly, looking at the luxurious bedroom in front of her, feeling a dream in a foreign land.

Her body moved, trying to stretch her sore limbs, but accidentally touched the warm and hot things.

Looking over her head, a handsome and suffocating man's face appeared in front of her.

Deep facial contours, dark and tough eyebrows, closed eyes, thin lips with perfect lines and sexy, no matter what angle you look at, it is perfect to make you remember it with one glance.

Looking down, the man's healthy chest exposed to the air is full of male flavor ...

Bai Xiaoai's head exploded, her body stiffened, and some scattered memories burst out last night.

As soon as she got off the plane, she was taken to the hotel by her stepmother and sister Bai Zichi, saying that her father had been arrested and she wanted to talk to a lawyer about something.

At the dinner table, she drank a drink from her sister, and after a while, she became weak.

She vaguely remembered being stepped into the hotel room by her stepmother and sister. There was a bald head, and the wretched old man climbed onto her bed.

She was terrified at the time. Despite her lack of strength, she still gritted her teeth and struggled desperately, trying to push the old man away.

I don't know if his behavior has annoyed the old man who was anxious for monkeys. He waved and slapped him in the face with a slap.

Suddenly my head flew to Venus ...

After that, there was no more, and her memory came to an abrupt end.

The soreness in her body now implied that she was most likely violated last night.

But obviously a bald old man, how did he become him, now this superb superb man with a breathtaking view?

This is too weird!

Bai Xiaoai had no time to think about it, but before the man did not wake up, he would flash people first.

Grabbing the dress that dropped on the ground, quickly put on the suit, Bai Xiaoai walked to the door with a tiptoe and reached out to open the door.

But it couldn't open, the door seemed to be locked from the outside.

Bai Xiaoai is so anxious, what can I do if I can't go out?

She looked back at the man on the bed quietly, but found that he did not know when he had woken up. The pair of perfectly shaped, constrained black eyes just looked at her like a thief.

"You ... are you awake?" Bai Xiaoai twitched at the corner of his mouth, so shocked that he couldn't even say a word, lying on the big bed like a man lazily, but giving her an extraordinary aura.

"Come here!" The man's sexy thin lips opened slightly, and a magnetic voice came quietly.


Bai Xiaoai froze for a moment, forgetting the reaction for a moment.

In this case, she really doesn't know if she should ask the man what happened last night, or if she should pass.

"Mu Yue!" Seeing her stupidly in place, the man called her name lightly.

Bai Xiaoai's eyes widened, what Mu Yue?

"Mu Yue ... what do you mean?" Bai Xiaoai felt that he had suddenly become persuaded. When he met this man, he couldn't even say the whole thing.

"Don't pretend to know?" The man's voice seemed to be displeased.

Without waiting for Bai Xiaoai's reaction, the man lifted the quilt handsomely, and came to her in an elegant and steady step.

He approached suddenly, revealing a sense of uncontrollability, which made Bai Xiaoai's breathing uncontrollably disturbed.

Fortunately, he had a white towel around his bare body that he didn't know when it came up, blocking important parts.

This man is too good to say, tall and erect body, sexy and implied muscles are evenly distributed, and the lines are impeccable.

"You slept with me last night, just like that, just pat your butt and go?" Qiao Minghe glanced at the doorknob clasped by the woman, raising her eyebrows like a question, as if questioning she was.

Bai Xiao'ai's brain was messed up for a while. He said she slept him?

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