My Naughty CEO Husband

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Chapter 1 Mess

In the VIP suite, the air was filled with joy and ambiguous air, and the clothes were randomly dropped on the ground, a mess.

The bedding lay across the sleeping men and women on the double bed, barely covering the spring.

A hurried knock came, and Qiao Qiao's beautiful brows frowned, turning over uncomfortably.

She had a terrible headache, and her body was sore and unbearable, like being crushed by something. She wanted to raise her hands and rub her head. Then she realized that a warm object was sticking tightly behind her. With yourself.

Qiao Qiao was awake, his body stiffened like a stone sculpture. She looked down woodenly and arrived at her chest with a big, articulated hand.

Suddenly her scalp was numb, and her panic gradually covered her heart. She couldn't hold back her panic anymore and screamed.

The man behind was awakened by the scream and opened his eyes sharply. When he saw Qiao Qiao beside him, his eyes suddenly turned dark, and he sat up suddenly.

"Get off!"

The cold tone without emotion sent into Qiao Qiao's ears, causing her scalp to numb for a while. When she found that she was not in a ray, it was even more difficult to extricate herself.

The man saw that Qiao Qiao didn't move, and said a little impatiently, "Don't let me say the third time, get out!"

Qiao Qiao shuddered, who was behind the man, she had no way of knowing, a thought flashed through her mind.


At this moment, the door was opened with a pop, and a group of people swarmed in.

A handsome man pushed the crowd forward and looked at the two men on the bed. He felt a little broken immediately. He was sweating in the forehead, looking at the displeased man, and sneered: "Shao, you are awake."


Several strangers surrounded themselves, Qiao Qiao couldn't hold back any more, and screamed again. She clutched the corner of the quilt tightly. She didn't understand how many strangers came out of her house. Did the robbers rob and rob?

"To shut up!"

He Shaoxian glanced at Qiao Qiao unpleasantly, his indifferent indifference in his eyes.

Qiao Qiao quickly shut her mouth, she looked at the intruder in horror, her lips turned white, and she lost her language ability.

He Shaoyu 's handsome face was so overcast that he was slowly slipped from his body, exposing beautiful texture, well-formed, full of beauty, and looking down, it was the right proportion of the abdominal muscles. When he went down, he was properly covered by the sheets It is neither revealing nor irritating, but at the moment no one is willing to appreciate it.

Everyone dared not say a word, for fear of annoying the living prince.

He Shaojiao crossed his legs, rubbing his temples slowly, and after brewing for a while, swept around him, and finally stopped looking at the handsome man, coldly: "Which idea is this?"

The man's scalp was numb for a while, and he couldn't even speak clearly. "This ... this is ..."

He Shaojie got upset and woke up to find a strange woman around him. Now asking, the other side was indifferent and couldn't say a word for a long time, which made him irritable.

Looking at Qiao Qiao again, she was pale and trembling all over her body, clutching the sheets with her little hand, she could not wait to wrap herself into a ball.

He Shaoxian glanced at her, looking away with complex expression.

He understands the whole story, he rubs his hair irritably, saying in a bad tone: "Liang Ziming."


The man hurried to speak, and the pair of obsidian-like black eyes turned up. He immediately stood close to the ice cellar and was hard to move.

"You better give me a reasonable explanation and go out now."

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