The Billionaire's Affair

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Contemporary Romance>The Billionaire's Affair>Prologue


Every woman dreamt of a reciprocated romantic love. It was indeed magical when the one you truly love, loves you back. It was most probably like you were floating in the air while you were surrounded by butterflies and bubbles. Rainbows were everywhere. Like you just wanted to freeze the time and seize the moment.

Venice’ favorite song resonated throughout the entire hall where her wedding was held. The huge wooden double door opened, and it became a signal that the bride was about to enter the solemn place. All of the guests stood up and watched her while wearing their sweet smiles on their faces.

She put up a sweet shy smile as she looked at familiar faces – and some foreign ones. Rose petals were scattered in the center aisle with a red carpet covering the marbled floor. The place was picturesque out of a fairytale book itself. It was indeed her dream wedding.

The solemn song didn’t even calm the fast beating of her heart and didn’t soothe her trembling cold hands.

Venice let out a deep breath.

What was happening to her right now seemed so surreal. She took one step and there he was!

It was Ethan Xyrus Harris, the man she secretly in loved with… was the same man she was marrying now… finally.

Everyone clapped their hands. Some whispered their greetings at her as she walked down the aisle – but it was all blurry to her, for her gaze was only stuck to where Ethan was.

While she was in the hotel room just right before the wedding started – all that was on her mind was not to be tripped off the aisle nor to stay calm and collected. But everything vanished that moment, her eyes laid on the gorgeous man, who was wearing a white and gray tuxedo with his face plastered with an unreadable expression.

Venice took one step at a time – as she ignored her aching feet, who was wearing a white four-inched ankle step high heeled shoes. Courtesy of her mother who helped her plan everything for her wedding just a few weeks ago.

She took her time because her dream gown – which was solely designed by her – was just too heavy to lift. Her princess cut wedding gown was embroidered manually with all of those Swarovski crystals intricately arranged around it. And her face covered with a thin veil that fell perfectly behind her back and trailed down the floor with her long gown.

But everything about it didn’t stop her tracks towards the man who was waiting for her at the end of the aisle. Everything was just so vague at her… everything but not to the man who held her gaze with him.

Her heart was thumping so hard because of mixed joy and excitement. She clenched her hands, which were holding a red and white bouquet of roses to contain herself.

Finally, she was now marrying the man of her dreams – her childhood friend and secret love.

It wasn’t easy for them, though.

This marriage was bound only by mere arrangement from her parents and his grandmother. But she promised herself to make this marriage work out – for as hard as she could.

She would make sure to make the most sought after and prominent billionaire bachelor, Ethan Xyrus Harris, fall for her – just like what she was to him.

Venice would do everything just to have him – forever.

Like she would make sure she would fulfill the promise they made when they were still kids.


“Don’t worry, I will forever be at your side and marry you when the time comes.” The young Ethan whispered to her and kissed her left cheek that one beautiful day.

The kissed made her face turn bright red. Her young heart thumped so fast, and she giggled.

The sun was slowly setting and was almost covered by darkness. It was a magnificent view, but Venice’ eyes were glued only to the young boy with gleaming eyes. His face was serious yet tenderly staring at her.

She sweetly smiled at him.

“Really? I will wait for that. You must marry me someday. Pinky swear?” The young Venice joyously asked as she held her pinky finger to seal their promise.

“I promise.” The young Ethan professed as he held his pinky finger with his.

***End of Flashback…

Everything seemed like it was just yesterday – but it never escaped her mind a bit for the past fifteen years.

And now, it was all coming through, right in front of her very eyes. Venice heaved a deep sigh once again as she faced her parents, who were waiting for her at the side of the aisle, a few steps away from Ethan. Her parents held her arms and walked towards the man of her dreams.

Ethan, on the other hand, met them halfway with Gran Lolita – Ethan’s grandmother. Venice kissed Gran Lolita – while Ethan held a handshake to her dad and kissed her mother’s cheek. She hugged her parents before taking Ethan’s waiting hand, which was now asking her to take.

Venice put her hand to his and Ethan held it as he gently assisted her towards where the priest was. A volt of electricity sent shivers down her spine the moment they held hands lightly that she bit her lower lip.

His effect on her never changed through time. It never falters, it only intensifies.

She couldn’t help but to feel amazed by this man – every single time. No matter if she had seen him many times, she always felt like it was the first time.

Her heart still beats as quickly as it could be, and her stomach always flutters with just a mere sight of him.

Venice slightly shook her head as a genuine sweet smile pasted on her face.

“You’re so beautiful…”

Her eyes widened when Ethan whispered those words in her ears. Her face burned with mixed embarrassment and pure happiness.

He gave her a small smile while she reciprocated it with a soft smile.

“You are gorgeous yourself, too.” Venice truthfully told him.

Ethan’s smile grew while slightly shaking his head and he lowly chuckled.

That day was the most memorable day of her life.

The day that she finally said ‘I do’ to her secret love and childhood friend.

The perfect day where she felt that maybe… just maybe… everything would work out fine for the both of them.

That maybe, friendship could be a great foundation for building marriage for convenience. Even if it was still arranged nor bind with youthful promises.

She thought that it was a dream come true for her. But it turned out that she needed to work harder to achieve her happily ever after.

That it wasn’t as easy as one two three for both of them.

That she needed to fight for what she truly feels and fix their marriage.

And that she needed to stand up firmly and get her husband – that is if she wanted to break the billionaire’s affair.

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