Devil King's Spoiled Wife

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Chapter 1 The First Ugly Woman

The warmth of March brings warmth, and the boundless catkins are like smoke, which is a good time for the Imperial cpital to spring and Ying Feiyan to speak.

Prince Kung's Mansion, solemn and solemn, has always been a taboo place for ordinary people, but today, outside the gate of Sanzhang, is surrounded by a large group of people who are watching the lively.

A young girl in green lying quietly on the slate floor in front of the crowd.

The green girl's eyes were tightly closed, motionless, as if dying, and the blood on her forehead was red, slowly flowing through the red-stained face, looking ugly.

"Go and see if that bitch is dead." A cold voice sounded, coldly without a trace of temperature. "If she died, send her a reed mat and roll it at the gate of Liu Xiangfu. If she doesn't die, wake her up with water and let her go home! "

On the high steps, a young man in a purple suit was standing proudly, with a handsome and elegant face, and his face was full of disgust and contempt.

"Qi Bing His Highness, she did not breathe." Guards walked past a swab wipe the breath of the girls in green.

"Dead? Dead is clean, too." The man in Ziyi snorted coldly in the nostrils. "Take the mat and wrap her, and seeing that she was my fiancée, my king was kind. Give her another coffin. "

"Yes, His Highness."

All the people on the sidelines could not bear it, and could not help talking quietly.

"Miss Liu is so pitiful that she will be Princess Gong in three days and she has been retired."

"Not only was she retired, but she was forced to live ... hit a stone lion, alas."

"Pity her look of Huarongyue, it turned out to be so ugly ..."

"Shh, look, Miss Liu seems to ... seem to be alive."

very noisy!

Headache ...

Shen Xinru slowly regained consciousness, only feeling cold and hard under her body, as if lying on a stone floor, making her very uncomfortable.

She frowned, trying to open her eyes. The first thing she saw was a blue sky, and white clouds drifted past.

The people around were noisy and messy. She slowly turned her head to look at her, and saw a group of ordinary people in period costumes around her, pointing and whispering.

Shen Xin was at a loss for a while, wondering where he was.

Then it felt bad ...

Her lips are dry, she is sweating cold, and her hands and feet are weak. This is a lot of blood loss symptoms before her coma!

This symptom was aggravating, indicating that the blood in her body was still being lost. She raised her hand and touched the painful forehead, and found that the wound was continuously pouring out blood.

Putting two fingers together in the right food, quickly caught the pulse of the left hand, only a few seconds. As the chief military doctor, she quickly diagnosed that as long as another 50cc of blood flowed out, she would immediately fall into a coma!

Must stop bleeding immediately!

She glanced around quickly and found no medical box. On the smooth and smooth bluestone pavement, she was clean and did not find any scraps of paper.

Without the golden needle in the medical box, she could not perform acupuncture to stop bleeding. What she urgently needed was a gauze or a tape that could stop the cloth.

Suddenly, she reached into her arms, and found a large red embroidered quilt, which heaved into two pieces without hesitation.

As soon as the cloth was torn, a picture suddenly flashed into her mind.

The girl was sitting in front of the east window, and tenderly embroidered the lotus on the Jinpa.

So familiar picture!

Too late to think, she quickly knotted the torn embroidery tape, tied it tightly to her forehead, and stopped the blood flowing out of the pimple.

Out of danger, she breathed lightly.

Suddenly, a man's cruel and cold voice sounded, and coldly pierced her eardrum.

"Liu Ruoshui, you ugly girl, didn't die? Hurry back to your Prime Minister's Mansion, don't continue to lie on the His Highness's door, stain the stone lion at the king's door, and stain the His Highness eye!"

Liu Ruoshui? Is he talking about himself?

She frowned and looked, with a pair of hawkish eyes, undisguised disgust.

So familiar look!

A lot of strange memories suddenly poured into her mind like a tide, and she closed her eyes involuntarily. After a moment, his eyes opened, his eyes sparkled, clear as water.

It turned out that I crossed it.

Jun Tianxiang... she whispered softly.

The man in front of him is His Highness Gong Jun Tianxiang, the third son of Emperor Shengde today, Liu Ruoshui's fiance.

His original name was Liu Ruoshui . He was the eldest daughter of Liu Chengyi and Liu Liu Chengyi. The scenery was unlimited a year ago. He once crowned a group of Feast of Flowers in the palace and was hailed as the first beauty of the Imperial cpital. , Known as the first ugly woman in the Imperial cpital.

She drooped her eyes and landed on a large red box on the ground.

The retired Geng post, the handwriting is elegant and elegant, is exactly what Jun Tianxiang himself wrote.

Shen Xinru ... No, Liu Ruoshui picked up the Geng post, slowly stood up, and looked at Jun Tianxiang again, his eyes flashed, thoughtfully.

The fiancee's face was destroyed, so he repaired the book and resigned. This kind of cool, selfish, cruel man, Ruo Shui, you actually killed the stone lion for him?

Deadly worthless!

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