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Prologue Childhood Dreams

Two kids were found sitting idyllically on a bed of wildflowers that stretched as far as the horizon. The sun was bright and warm under their skin. The sky was bright as blue with sparse clouds floating over. Butterflies fluttered everywhere. The bees buzzed among petals flitting from one bloom to the other. A grasshopper jumped from a red flower to a clump of yellow blooms.

The young boy finished putting the flowers together in a big ring. He stood up and went in front of the girl.

"I'll marry you Enara once we're eighteen," Enos said placing the ring of flowers on top of Enara's head. "Then, we'll always be together forever."

The five-year-old boy said happily to his childhood friend called Enara who was sitting in her bright lemony dress on the field of flowers while they fooled around and played with the blooming wildflowers under the bright summer sky of May.

Enara burst out laughing.

"I'll marry you, Enos. Ahahahahaha." Enara said as she continued to laugh at him.

They continued making ring flowers together and created one each for their wrists, their necks even around their ankles. Enara made another bigger circle of wildflowers. When she finished it she placed it on Enos' head.

"Now, we're married." She announced with glee.

And their laughter echoed everywhere and joined the chirping of the birds while the wind breezed through dancing the leaves and the flowers in the air.

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