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The body of the Blood Moon God King floated in the air.

The looks in the eyes of the various Celestial Kings were rather complicated.

After a few moments of silence, one of the Great God Kings said:

"Great God King North Black, Great God King Nine Saints, Great God Immortal King Immortal. Just as we stepped onto the path of the ancient starry sky, we lost a great God King.

If we go any further, how many of us would be able to reach that place alive? "

They didn't know that the Nine Saints God King and the Immortal God King were silent.

They didn't know how to respond to the Godking's words.

From the initial vision to the beginning of the operation.

The Nine Saints God King never thought that he would fall on the very first day. Wasn't the true danger deep within the ancient starry sky?

Thinking up to this point, the Nine Saints God King suddenly felt his heart waver.

If he continued on like this, it was very likely that the Great God King he brought this time wouldn't be able to personally see the Underworld Spider Queen and would all fall!

He subconsciously looked at Ning Qi, only to see that Ning Qi was looking at the body of the Blood Moon God King, in deep thought.

"The Celestial God King attacked me when I was in possession of dozens of divine swords."

"After that, Hong Jun sent word, telling them not to think about stepping into the ancient space anymore."

"This time, the moment I stepped onto the path of the ancient starry sky, an unknown existence attacked.

I killed a great god king without being aware of it. "

Ning Qi's thoughts were running quickly.

"If I want to know the secret behind this, I can only find out what position those black-furred monsters have."

"How did they become like this, and what does it have to do with the Underworld Spider Queen …"

Last time when Ning Qi stepped into the void of the universe, he did not encounter such a situation.

Even after entering that huge city, he did not see the existence of the black-furred monster.

In that huge city, there was only the Netherworld Spider Queen.

"Great God King North Black, do we continue?"

The Nine Saint King suddenly said.

"Just now, the great God King Bloodmoon was killed silently. This should be a form of warning to us."

Ning Qi said indifferently.

Everyone nodded slightly, this indeed seemed like a warning.

"Then they are afraid."

Ning Qi suddenly laughed, "If they are not afraid of us, then there is no need to act and warn them."


A look of deep thought appeared in the eyes of the Immortal God King.

"If this is really the reason, then you have to warn me.

It means that they are weaker than us, and that they could only kill the great God of Blood, Blood Moon, and us. They want us to retreat, knowing the difficulties we face? "

The expression in the eyes of the Nine Saints God King changed, and the intention to turn back vanished from his mind.

If the other party was truly afraid, then they really should have gone deeper into the starry sky of the Ancient Realm. That was the only way to truly discover the secrets of this world, and not be deceived!

Even though he was the Great God King, he still felt like he was being kept in the dark. This sort of feeling had been nibbling away at him for many years already, and he didn't like it at all.

Therefore, he wanted to see why the great Divine King was able to survive by absorbing the life force of all living things in this world.

Why can't the Divine King live forever, and live forever?

Why was it that after so many years, no one had ever stepped into the Divine Master Realm?

"Everyone, the North Black God King is right. They are afraid of us, that's why they used the Blood Moon God King to scare us off.

I have a guess. Would you like to hear it? "

The Nine Saint King said slowly.

Everyone saw that he was still unwilling to give up on exploring the secret that had long been neglected by the various great kings. They immediately sighed and their faces turned ugly.

"Nine Saint King, what is your guess?"

A Great God King asked with an ashen face.

"The death of the Blood Moon God King is most likely due to those existences having their eyes on him before he stepped into the ancient space. They did this without our knowledge, causing him to be tainted with a strange aura.

Just now, it was a strange aura that instantly erupted, causing him to instantly turn into a corpse! "

The Nine Saint King said in a deep voice.

This guess...

Everyone was astonished.

"The possibility of what you said is not low."

Ning Qi also nodded his head, agreeing with the Nine Sacred God King's words.

This was the only way to explain why the other party could make such a silent move.

His foe wasn't truly that powerful; rather, he had launched attacks against the great God King Bloodmoon long ago.

This time might have been a few days ago, a few years ago, tens of thousands of years ago, or even hundreds of thousands of years ago!

Seeing Ning Qi admitting to his guess, the Nine Saints God King became even more confident.

At this moment, the Immortal God King suddenly said, "Then how do you know that the rest of us have yet to be exposed to that strange aura?"

When the Celestial Kings heard this, they suddenly felt a chill run down their spines.

Could it be that the other party really had this kind of trick to plant a seed that would kill them if they were unable to detect it at all?

Everyone looked at each other, checked themselves, and then looked at Ning Qi.

Because they couldn't tell if there was that strange aura in his body or not.

Ning Qi looked at them indifferently, and shook his head slightly: "In my view, none of you have any other special aura on you."

He was still thinking about the relevance of many things.

The last time he stepped into the universe, was there any difference from this time?

More Celestial Kings?

Or could it be that there was an extra divine sword?

"When the sword embryo was born, it appeared once more. Today, it appeared once more …"

Ning Qi's eyes revealed a hint of a smile.

If the opponent was not in such a hurry, he might really be unable to ascertain whether the swords of the other gods had some sort of mystical secret.

Right now, he could be sure.

Everyone did not know what Ning Qi was thinking, but in the next moment, they saw Ning Qi take out a sword, and then thrusting it towards the Immortal Saint God King!

"What are you doing, North Black King?"

The Nine Saint King was instantly filled with shock and rage.


The divine swords stabbed into the Immortal God King's body, his face revealing a look of astonishment. He lowered his head to look at the sword blade, then looked at Ning Qi:

"Is... "What?"

Was it because his body was stained with that strange aura that he wanted to kill him in advance?

The other Celestial Kings were also stunned by the sudden change. They did not dare to move even an inch.

"Why do you think? See if your strange aura is still there? "

Ning Qi laughed and took out the divine swords.

The wound on the Immortal Saint God King instantly healed. Soon after, he discovered that the black veined patterns on his body had completely disappeared. He could not believe it as he probed using his divine power …

"Are you alright? It's really okay now? "

A look of joy appeared on the face of the Immortal God King. It was only then that the Nine Sacred God King found out that Ning Qi did not actually plan to make a move on the Immortal God King!

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