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Contemporary Romance>Taboo>Chapter 1, Funeral

Chapter 1, Funeral

It had rained heavily through out the night. The stench of the earth was vivid after being beat up by the heavy lashes the rain landed. Jahseh Doyla had spent the night reminiscing on what was left of his wife, mere memories. She had died after an accident. The doctors fought hard to help her survive; to no avail. Dr Jahseh was a senior medic at the Elite Paramedic Consultants; there, the top class in the city of Vancouver showed up for medical attention. His wife, Elizabeth had been there taking treatment after the accident that had now claimed her life. Time and money had been spent, day and night, Dr Jahseh and other doctors had done everything they could to make her stable, but it all proved futile.

It had been a month since she died, and it was time for her funeral that morning. Dr Jahseh hadn't slept all night, he stayed up, checking on his son Joseph. Joseph was the only child Jahseh and Elizabeth had, he was nineteen and refused to go to school; he said his dream of being a rapper had nothing to do with school; the least his parents could do was offer him a home tutor, which he attended only when he liked, he was a real rebel. Joseph had not taken his mother's death very well, he buried himself in drugs and other vices, in a bid to douse the pain he felt. Dr Jahseh checked on him through out the night, making sure he was okay and not doing any harm to himself. On one ocassion, he had found Joseph with his girlfriend, banging her agressively. Joseph saw his father walk into the room but he didn't stop, rather it turned him on the more, enjoying the screams his girlfriend let out. Dr Jahseh stood watching his wild son, he was an adult so he couldn't stop him, besides he knew it was Jahseh's way of grieving; the look Jahseh had on his face was that of anger and sadness, and animal instinct. Dr Jahseh left the scene, still hearing the girl cry in pain of Joseph's wicked cock. Joseph's father felt his cock jerk at the sight and sound of what he had just encountered, he held his cock in his right hand, trying to control himself from going to join his son in devouring the girl; Joseph wouldn't mind, he didn't take his relationship with the girl seriously, he didn't take his relationship with anybody seriously, he was a wreck loose. He held himself back, his cock getting moist at the tip, he had to keep himself in check, he was to pay his last respect to his wife soon. From Joseph's room, the cries of the girl could not be ignored; Joseph was high in pain he felt for his mothers death, she was the only one that made him feel humane a bit; he was cold hearted most of the time, because of his undying survival on hard drugs. Joseph came loudly on the girls ass, spanking her with his cock and squeezing her nipple like it offended him; she screamed in pain. He threw her aside and lay down, sleeping off immediately. Maybe because he was an aspiring rapper or because he was drop dead handsome, or because of his billionaire dad, girls always flocked around Joseph, no matter how mean he was towards them.

It was 8AM, the funeral for Mrs Elizabeth was in an hour. Dr Jahseh got ready and went to check on Joseph; he was still passed out, naked, with the girl holding unto him as if he was running away. Dr Jahseh shook his head at the naiveity of the girl, she had just been fucked with reckless abandon, yet she still clinged to him like he had promised to marry her.

'Joseph, son'; Dr Jahseh called on his son, tapping him to wake up; he moaned tiredly tossing his supposed naked girlfriend away, he stood up, his cock erect. Dr Jahseh made an irritated face, and handed him a duvet lying by him; the duvet was sticky with sperm from rounds of drilling his girlfriend;

'Go get ready, it's in an hour'. Joseph suddenly realised what day it was, and quickly made his way to the bathroom; he was sober after sleeping for a while, and looked way better than the previous night.

Dr Jahseh's phone rang, it was his side girlfriend he kept while his wife was alive; she was calling to wish him a nice day;

'Babe' she said into the phone; the doctor kept quiet, he wasn't going to connect with her till after the funeral, it was the last time he would mourn his wife, he meant to do it properly with utmost respect.

'I called to wish you a good day' she said saucily, realising Dr Jahseh meant to give her with the silent treatment. He hung up the phone after she had passed her message across, without saying a word back to her.

Trishia was Jahseh's long time girlfriend. She worked at the Australian embassy as a clerk, she didn't have a very serious portfolio attached to her. She had met Dr Jahseh on one of his visits there with the Ambassador; he fancied her, he thought she was the right fit for him; Trishia was smallish, with big boobs and ass. The first day he saw her he kept his gaze on her, lusting over her body until the ambassador noticed and had to jab him back to the moment; soon enough they were dating; to Dr Jahseh, she was just a piece, he didn't take her seriously, but Trishia went around like she was his wife even, acting all wifey around him.

'I'm ready' Joseph said, appearing at the door of his dad's room. They both wore black suits, looking handsome.

'Should I wait for you?' Joseph's supposed girlfriend asked him; Joseph looked at her irritated, and told her to;

'Be gone, i'm done with you, for now'.

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